JR liable for millions in lost productivity


It seems like most people in Japan and most in America still don't know that it being cold, cold weather, as NOTHING to do with getting sick. Various studies have proven this. The reason people get more sick in the winter is not because they are exposed to cold weather. In fact just the opposite, it's because they avoid cold weather or rather, to stay out of the cold weather they stay indoors, close all the windows, recycle the air etc there by increasing their exposure to other sick people way way more in winter than in summer.

That's fine but there's the thing. In Japan, 90% or more of the population rides the trains to work every morning and every evening. There are sick people on the train. Guess what JR (and all the other train companies) do in the winter? They turn off ALL VENTILATION!!!! What the f*ck are they thinking? It gets so humid and gross inside those cars in winter it's like a lover's car on make out lane. The windows are all steamed up and you can feel the heaviness of the humidity clinging in the air.

No just think about it, because JR are not running the air system they are effectively exposing all their passengers to each other's sickness. Millions of people getting sick because JR doesn't run the fans. Now calculate it out, because JR doesn't run the fans millions of workers stay home sick, millions of dollars are lost to the Japanese economy. You'd almost think if Japan was as litigous as America some large company with hundreds of thousands of employees would try to sue JR for lost productivity. A class action lawyer would sign everybody up to sue JR for pain and suffering.

I don't know how to get JR to change their ways and turn the damn fans on but with only a little thought you'd think this could even become a political issue. Some politian who is always claiming she's going to get Japan out of it's depression would see getting the fans running and therefore people to work would have a least some positive effect on the economy here.

JR! TURN THE FANS ON!!!!!!!!!!!!

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