Jinmin Cafe


One day I had to go to the immigration office.  There happens to be one in Shibuya which most foreigners seem not to know about which means it's less crowded.  Afterwords I thought I'd wander around and try to find a place for lunch and I stumbled upon this little cafe.  The Jinmin Cafe.

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Right in downtown Shibuya, buried behind all the major streets, down an alley or two I found this little outdoor cafe.  Part of a plant store and part of a clothing store.

chicken and potatosI sat down and ordered chicken, mashed sweet potatoes and a milk tea and sat and enjoyed the nice weather.

If you want to find it, especially if you need a break from the loudness of Shibuya, go to Shibuya Tower Records.  From Tower Records cross to the opposite corner of the intersection and walk up the hill (one one direction is up hill).  Take the first possible right in an alley.  No worries it's not dark and scary and there are actually lots of other stores, cafes and restaurants back that way.  Stick to your right and you should come to it within a couple of minutes.

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