Neuf Cafe


Another way cool cafe so hidden you'll feel like a club member just to know where it is.

I guess word is actually getting around about this place since it gets pretty busy at night.  It's called Neuf which means 9 since it's on the 9th floor.  Being on the 9th floor if this relatively small building from the bottom you'd hardly be able to tell there's anything there except scary little one and two people offices.  (in L.A. I don't think there is such a thing as a small 9 story building but there is in Japan)

Take the scary little creaky dirty elevator up to the 8 1/2th floor and walk up half a flight of stairs.  Peek out to the right to see that they have outdoor seating including outdoor heaters for being cozy in the winter.  Turn to the left to enter the indoor area.

They have drinks, coffees, teas some foods and dessert.  The desserts are a daily thing so you never know what they will have that day.

If you can't read the above map, come out the west exit of Ebisu station, cross the street and stick as close as you can to the train tracks on your right until you get to Neuf Cafe on your left.

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