Flickr bans Flickrdown


So a couple of days ago Flickr decided to ban Flickrdown. The issue is that some people complained that you could use Flickrdown to download copyrighted images. Of course you can do the same thing from any browser. Right click an image in Flickr and pick "Save Image As..." Why these people feel Flickrdown should be banned but not also want browsers banned doesn't make a whole lot of sense.

It's frustrating that Flickr decided to ban it. Just because images are copyrighted does not mean you can't copy them. How does Flickr know that I didn't ask for permission from the author and am just using Flickrdown as a tool to get the images? In fact if Flickrdown couldn't download copyrighted images it couldn't download any of my or my friends images as most of them are copyrighted. Kind of stupid if I can't download my own images and yet that's the way Flickr wants me to make Flickrdown function.

Please contact Flickr and or techcrunch or anyone else that you think can bring some pressure on Flickr to stop this policy.

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