A World With No Privacy


It annoys the crap out of me when someone tells me I can't take a picture. Examples: I go into a department store. I want to take a picture of some cool merchandise that I want to show some friends. The clerk comes up and says "no pictures". I'm at a festival. Someone is selling some cool art/t−shirts whatever. I want to take a picture but am told "no pictures". In Customs there are signs everywhere, "No photography".

Well, if you've seen Google's Project Glass or things like Looxcie you can see a glimpse of the future. Those devices are always recording and while that might be the next generation of gadget, the one after that is something actually embedded in your eye or head or maybe even just contact lens that have a camera in them.

Google Glass

In such a world, what happens to all these rules? How can you tell when someone is taking a picture. Places that currently say "no pictures" will be S.O.L. It's not just the above example where arguably you should be able to take a picture. Every policy arrest will be recorded, both from the officer's point of view and the person they are arresting. Stopping people from recording movies will be impossible. At least the 2D movies. Maybe by that time we'll have holographic movies.

But it's not just that. Imagine the always on video camera. Now imagine you're at a bar and someone does something embarrassing. Currently people have to remember to get their camera out and by the time it's out and recording the embarrassing moment has passes. Not anymore. A few years from now every one of those events will be shared on facebook.

Imagine you're doing something sketchy. Hope you remembered to turn it off.

What if you're going to the bathroom? Taking a shower? Taking a shower with someone else? In bed with some? Think sexting is a big deal. Once these cameras are in your eye or head you'll have to trust every person you're around not to post every tiny thing they see you do.

I'm not really going anywhere with this. That future seems inevitable. I just find it interesting to think about a world with no privacy.

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