Facebook Sucks

Facebook seriously sucks. I don’t really understand how it got as big as it supposedly is. I can’t connect with the person sitting directly in front of me because Facebook only lets me search for people who have registered in the same company, or college. WTF!

Honestly I really want nothing to do with Facebook. In Japan there is a service called Mixi. It’s arguably 2 or 3 times the size of Facebook at least in terms of market penetration. Where as MySpace seems to be mostly high school students and Facebook mostly college students, Mixi covers the entire population in Japan. And, there is are no restrictions on who you can connect with. Meet someone at Starbucks and ask them if they are on Mixi then connect if you want. No need to be in the same school or company.

Mixi does some things which would seem to work against it. It’s 100% closed from the rest of the net. You must log in to see any of it so it’s not searchable by any of the search engines (Yahoo, Google, etc…)

One interesting feature of Mixi is called “footprints”. It basically shows a list of the last 50 or so people that looked at your page. I think it sparks conversation. It feels good to know one of your friends was checking out your blog even if they didn’t leave a comment.

Anyway, in Japan, Mixi is almost a part of life for most people it seems. So, the only real reason I’m on Facebook is because a couple of Japanese friends, who I assume are under the mistaken impression that Facebook is like Mixi in the states, are trying to reproduce their Mixi activities on Facebook. As such they end up trying to direct all correspondence through Facebook as they would have with Mixi in Japan.

Oh well. I hope someone comes and replaces Facebook with a service that doesn’t suck.

  • Why not try any of the other social networks? Who cares if teenagers use MySpace? Or if cat lovers use LiveJournal? Or if Google lovers use Orkut? Or if Europeans use Second Life? Or if Japanese use Mixi? Amongst the people with which you want to keep in touch, agree to use a social network you most enjoy. You’ve been down (on things) lately. Sorry to hear there.

    Sacrifices sometimes have to be made. For example, I prefer jaiku, but my community is stuck on twitter. So when they move, I’ll be waiting for them. But until then, twitter still has a place in my feed reader.

    There’s little need for someone to develop a new replacement for Facebook. That marketspace is already well populated.

  • phenomenons cannot be readily explained

    Why is broadband adoption so prolific in Japan, but online gaming and TV over IP and VOIP are not even used?

    Why is the DS still selling out across the entire country?

    Why was Bob Sapp so incredibly popular? And why is he “so over” now?

    Trends are impossible to control or explain, except in retrospect. And sometimes not even then. But adoption of a social network must be, almost certainly, influenced by bellwether like adoption at first, until it reaches a critical mass.

    Hell, MySpace REALLY sucks, and I even have a page there, mainly to direct people to my more active social network spots like Tribe or LJ.

  • JPM

    I haven’t had that same problem with facebook. Facebook originally started out as a service for college students, hence the large amount of college student users.

  • anonemouse
    the name says it all

    It’s called Facebook because it’s based on a physical “face book” university students would get to help them get to know other students on campus.

    So someone started a web version of the concept, open ONLY to people with .edu email addresses.

    Then, seeing $$$ they slowly opened it up to others. Now you can add anyone by just entering their email address, so I’m not sure why you say a person has to have joined a company or college…

  • billd

    Facebook is a useless waste of time. Especially for folks who want to live in the past. I barely have enough time for myself, my family and my friends as it is. Never mind some schmucks I knew 20 years ago. Who cares who joined what group. Who is friends with whom. What colour and texture someones doughnut was this morning. Facebook is for information mining and ends up as useless gossip tracking crap!

  • COCA
    ^^^^ this man knows whatsup

    I AGREE!!! with billd.

    Facebook is unecessary part of life. Its unrealistic, and unatural, the information is offers is useless. If you need facebook to keep track of your friends, then maybe they shouldnt be your friends. It takes the mainstream mentality of popularity and magnifies it. It further misleads humans proposing mindless values or norms and expecations that are conducive of a further detrimental perception of life.

    Not that im against socializing its great i love it, but do it how reality meant it to be done, jeez people all the do with their time is now feel with social of pseudo social activities like facebook and other minor things like aim and cellphones.. but those are fine and more convetionally applicable. Facebook is just widening the scope of socialiability to the point that you are virtually socializing or checking out people when in fact you are doing nothing of such in reality. If you are gonna chill with people have them in proximity as it was meant to be, not offline doing god knows what while you look at their page. Theres a reason why socializing works under the rules of reality where you have to physically be in proximity of a person to socialize.. because there needs to be a balance as in all activities.

    Remember Moderation is the key with everything, ive seen kids spend hours on those sites everyday. Come on.. how is that going to help them down the road? Now if they make a million dollars off getting a record deal by finding someone to sponsor their music, art, what have you through my space then, there is value. But how often does that happen?

  • COCA

    holy shit i like mis spelled all this shit on that post lol, i was really hung over lol.

    nformation is offers is useless — meant info it offers.

    jeez people all the do with their time is now feel with social of pseudo social activities like facebook and other minor things like aim and cellphones.. —– meant that alot of people now just fill their time with these pseudo social activities.

  • Ryzer

    I found out something about facebook, so im deleting my account ( go to youtube and type “do you have facebook?”, you’ll find out why, some disturbing shit).

  • RAWRrrrrrrrrr

    myspace is bestest! 🙂

  • Marleysa

    I agree with you and already found a much better place. Try this one out!


  • new website for the haters out there

    hello, i was out trying to blast on facebook and found a site that could help everyone out. for some reason google isn’t picking it up well, but it’s cool. viva http://www.facebook-sucks.com — so when facebook ignores you, you can voice your opinion at the site.

  • Facebook Sucks

    I’ve found out that Facebook recently kicked a woman off of Facebook, because she talked about breastfeeding her baby???

    But, Facebook allow criminals, drug dealers & pedophiles to have Facebooks and they don’t delete them, why?

    Yet, Facebook picked on this woman, for being the most important and most beautiful thing in the world…….a mother.

    Pick on the weak and innocent why do you? Thats not America, thats not even Mexico, well Facebook picking on mothers is Anti-American, so you just made an enemy, Capt Wild Bill Kelso.

  • PutnamTame
    I Don’t Take FaceBook Seriously

    I was directed to FaceBook by a friend and joined at her insistence. Since I joined I found a bunch of people I have known, many who live too far away to socialize with in person. Still, I don’t think I’ve written anything seriously outside of my favorite books & movies. I use it as a tongue-in-cheek commentary on my life & the lives of the people I contact. If it’s true that the Corporate world is using it for demographic info to sell more garbage to an overly-garbaged population, so be it. I give false info re: the importance of my consumer choices anyway. So, if I help screw-up Corporate advertising via FaceBook, it’s accomplished its purpose for me.

  • god_kill_facebook

    no, really, face book SUCKS. it has lame-ass display, loads slowly and its inteface is crap. there are so many other better places (myspace, etc.) that its not worth even going on facebook.

  • Facebook threatened this guy with legal action for nothing LOL

    Facebook threats

  • Faceache

    hey, whatever happened to TALKING to people? Nowadays we just sit in front of computers and TYPE to people – what kind of communication is that?

    It’s not real communication. Facebook is designed to suck you in and get you to waste as much of your like as you possible. Who needs it?

  • I agree, why would anyone want to waste their time over there.

  • Anon
    Agree about Facebook

    Yeh, I think Facebook is really false. I jumped on the wagon without really thinking. I had supposedly 20 people as friends. Even though about 5-6 of them I only vaguely knew and hadn’t seen in about 10 years. I just limited them in my profile. Its going to go the same way as FriendsReunited, as people realise its not real in anyway. I realised some of the people who added me as mates didn’t even say ‘hello’! I’m guessing some people just use it to be nosey and see what ‘old acquaintances’ or doing. Others use it to show how popular they are with 250 great buddies! Strange thing..

  • Lin

    I am so glad to read this! I thought I was the only (increasingly anti) Facebook nonuser out there!

  • Ann
    Facebook = why?

    I have a friend or two that are on Facebook and think it’s THE best. I think it’s rather immature. The two social networking sites I am on, I’m there to meet new people, not to do silly idiotic things like on Facebook. In addition to Myspace, there are also sites like Yuwie (click on my name to check it out.

  • Jeff
    Facebook does suck

    I agree facebook sux compared to myspace. Myspace lets you do all these cool features like add music , add backgrounds, layouts, etc. and other features. With Html. It lets you network with whoever. With myspace I have been able to get in touch with bands to find for my music show on community tv. I have also found many friends who I went to High School with class of 1995. I can also network with Myspace . I don’t like facebook because it wont let you change the layout of your page, won’t let you add cool html features. And won’t let you join group networking in companies you aren’t in. Kind of hard to connect with someone who works at Dreamworks pictures when you have to have a dreamworks email. Good luck with that one . Myspace would let you connect with people who have worked in these companies, by searching the company or their company history. Also I don’t like the facebook groups limit! Why is there a limit on how many groups you can join if the point is to network and connect with people????


  • of course facebooks sucks !

    I will not argue because FACEBOOK does really suck!!!! Just got on and i can’t wait to log off. It took me 3 emails and my sisters help ( facebook addict) to get in because my name is Jean Cool… they refused me because of my name. Once your in.. there is NO blog space, no html insertion… there is NOTHING execpt people who wander around for i don’t know what… oh ! yes!! to write on your wall!!! wow …. 


    Is it me or your url is a bunch of numbers ? Can i have a http://www.facebook/johnnycool  instead of a http://www.facebook.com/787r29hoghi49go3uign93 ….

    There is  a place left for a major site like this with originality and new elements…

    Johnny Cool, Montreal, Canada


  • Give Yuwie a Try?

    I won’t lie, I too use Myspace, but I also enjoy my time on Yuwie as well.

    Yuwie is filled with a great team of people and the founder of it all actually listens to what we have to say; and takes it into consideration.

    That’s more than I can say about most sites who tend to completely ignore their users once they’ve gained ground in the market and are earning a healthy living.

    Unlike many other social sites, Yuwie! is taking a twist on the whole social networking trend and actually sharing a part of its advertising revenue with its users.

    Sure its pennies at first, but its still a baby only having a little over 500,000 members compared to the 200 million of Myspace and is likely more money than you’ll ever see from Myspace or Facebook alike.

    So, why not give Yuwie a shot? It’s free to sign up and you might be surprised to find that its not all that different than Myspace or Facebook aside from what I find to be a much more mature and family oriented audience.

    Oh, and one more thing, Yuwie DOES NOT tolerate spam. So, you won’t have to worry about being harrassed by those pesky porn bots with pictures of half naked girls begging to be your friend or the comment spam bots posing as your buddies rejoicing over how they just won a “$500 Macy’s giftcard”.

    Yuwie pays by Paypal or Check, $5 cashout for Paypal and $25 for a check, and who doesn’t use Paypal nowadays? Sure Paypal isn’t without it’s flaws, but it still commands the lead over being one of the most safest and easiest ways to transfer money online.

    Join Yuwie!

  • anonomymn

    I agree, FaceBooks sucks.  It takes then about a day for them to send you an email confirmation.  Sure it probably filters out the spammers/stalkers, but when I register for a site, I don’t want to wait a day for it. So I gave up and went back to myspace.

  • Uwmama
    I agree

    Facebook sucks and for geeks!!!!!!!!!!

  • woswongwivu


    Wos wong wiv u lot! I understand your points but you’re missing something fundamental, and that is, the reason WHY you log on to these websites, and the majority of the time, the truth is that you’re searching to find ‘somebody special’ , somebody you click with, right? (sorry if you’re a couple but the majority of the time you’re just showing off your ‘coupledom’ anyway, and just competing against other couples).

    I’ll never log onto these social networking sites, from my terrible experiences with dating websites (are they the same? lil’ bit), it’s just not worth the time wasted.

    Thing is, let’s take it from a male perspective. I have a very black and white view on engaging in any social contact on the web. If I’m participating on these websites, there’s only one thing I’m looking for and that is, yep, a girlfriend, period.

    Why would I want to make just ‘friends’ with so many women who just love being chased and give you the runaround..? Ok, by having more contacts, perhaps there is the potential and possibility to find someone, but rarely I would say (please, no personal success stories ‘cos they just ain’t enough to convince).

    That’s all you end up doing, chasin’ chasin’ chasin’… It’s alright for the ladies, they love it, even if it’s idiots chasing, women still love having a story to tell and put it in their diary, sorry but it’s true…

    There’s no reciprocation, people take, but don’t really give. Hate to say it but even though MySpace may be better, what I see is that the big guns (talented musicians for example) may give you a ‘friend request’ but really, they’re just looking for customers, not friends, ‘cos they have to earn their money, right?

    You have to get real, and that’s why so many people are angry about these networking websites – the virtual efforts (hours in front of the computer) provide very little real, tangible experiences and successes (like dating and luuurv).

    It’s true,that feeling of remorse after spending so much time in front of an electronic void and then you w,walk out onto the street, and you just want to go up to people, talk to them, you crave some form of interaction, but it’s a whole different ball game, you even wish things could be like the web, haha, tap someone on the shoulder in the street and say ‘can I be your friend?’, (or perhaps give them a slap), either way.

    The web and those sites only provide a ‘quick-fix’ of attention (something we all need and desire), but that’s all… How many times have you chatted to someone on the other side of the world and wished those Star-Trek transporters were real..? And the people lapping up all the attention just take it to extremes and wallow in it like pigs in mud. But they just get ‘trapped’ too, a vicious circle… Narcissism that just gets hungrier and greedier, scary…

    But wait, feelin’ lonely? Hey, I can just get a quick-fix of attention on Facebook.

    We’re all tryng to live out our desires on the web, where human nature is becoming warped, we’ve lost the true ability to communicate, or maybe I have, but I ain’t gonna try on some lowlife networking site, my efforts will be displayed in the outside real world, it’s the only way. All I want is a soulmate, I can admit to that, and I think y’all (singles) should admit to that too, and find different ways of achieving that.

    Ban Facebook!

    Enough said (yawn…)

  • JohnM
    I totaly agree

    Facebook is the nets number one rule breaker.

    Its amazing how everywhere you go on the net you are told not to give out your personal information. Yet Facecrook encourages it.

    Anyway just to back up how crooked they are look here -> http://www.facecrook.com

    Wonder what they where thinking when they registered that 🙂

    Well it expires in 3 days time and if they don’t re register it I will get my hands on it and make a nice forums that is 100% unmoderated with the sole intention to slander and speak freely about how dodgy the services is and that they have no ethics.

  • Anony

    Facebook, I’m not a fan, and I’m not a hater. Let’s just be clear: Facebook is not for blogging! Check out a blogging site for blogging. v.v Facebook is to help you keep in touch with friends and family that you otherwise would have a lot of trouble doing (for example, try sending all your vacation trips to your relatives through email. yuck). If most of your friends are in Japan and use Mixi, doesn’t it make more sense that you would use that service? I’m not sure how you came upon that searching problem. If you’re using the friend finder or something similar, you will only be searching in your networks, if you search in the overall search box, that shouldn’t be happening.

  • Agreed

    You might try Plaxo. It encourages more ‘real’ relationships. On Facebook I had Mugabe as a friend, and eventually I realized that it was just pathetic: I had 400 friends, who were mostly people I had met once.

    Nice thing about Plaxo is that it syncs with Outlook, which you can then sync with your mobile. If someone changes their number you will be the first to know, and not even know it ;).

  • LeifHarmsen
    Shut Your Facebook!

    I used Facebook extensively and rooted for it, then it started to claim ownership of and arbitrarily censor my content. When I left it threatened that I would no longer be able to keep in touch with my friends; I do not take kindly to threats and lies. Facebook might need us but we don’t need Facebook.  I deactivated Facebook yesterday and never felt better. 

    It’s Facebook’s website, not yours, and Facebook is not your friend.

    All current social networking sites are proprietary rubbish with wildly unacceptable policies. We need an open-source non-proprietary distributed social networking standard so you can host your open-standard compliant profile, groups and events on any web server yourself or through any company. I will only re-investigate social networking once a truly open-standard exists – I was pleased to discover that some very clever people are working on one.

    Unaccountable proprietary monopolistic social networking sites are worse than medaeval. They’ve turned out to be an ugly social problem. You are the solution. Shut your Facebook.

  • SamHamiltone
  • SamHamiltone

    If you are tired of facebook but want a way to connect with artists and musicians

    then you should check out http://www.putiton.com

    If you are tired of facebook but still want to connect with your friends then pick up the phone…

  • ADJ
    Facebook is it a social disease?

    I work for a HR software company in the UK. We have a lot of our clients complaining that FB has taken over as the most populr non-work site that their staff access during work time.  it is now so invasive, many orgainsations have taken steps to monitor it’s use.

  • Cecilia

    Yea, facebook sucks. check out my blog to see what I think.