My experience with ramen in the states continues to disappoint. Kahoo was no exception. The noodles sucked. Not even close to authentic ramen noodles.

On the other hand I ordered the tantanmen and on the one hand it was not what I consider tantanmen. Good tantanmen, at least the kind I like, should have the consistancy of mud. It should be seriously thick and opaque. On the other hand even though this tantanmen was soupy it was pretty tasty which made me want to drink the whole bowl.

If they could just find some good noodles they’d be 4 stars.

  • Santa Ramen

    I’ve been told that Santa Ramen is the best in the Bay area:


  • Hey! Sylvain and I used to go to this place all the time…!! Well, the interior is the same but the name of the restaurant is different! This spot used to serve Tokushima Ramen, where they shipped the noodles straight from Tokushima. I’m guessing the new Kahoo place is probably not as good.

  • maimai

    Hi Gregg!

    久しぶり!元気かな?San Franciscoにはつけ麺はないの?池袋にあった元祖つけ麺屋(大勝軒)がなくなってしまい、弟子がのれん分けした店がうちのそばにあって毎日ぎょうれつができてます。 味は・・・美味しい★★★かな。 by the way 以前に一緒に行ったやわらかアンニン豆腐!この前食べにいってきたよ。やはりおいしかった(*^_^*)

  • 杏仁豆腐


  • genkigaijin
    Best Ramen

    I cook my own Japnaese food in the U.S. The quality of Japanese food in America is so low. The best ramen I’ve had was in Osaka.

  • maimai

    そなんだ、やはり参宮橋の杏仁豆腐が一番なんだ。 さすがGreggの舌はすごい!