AirBnB not all roses

AirBnB hasn’t been all roses. My first experience in Hawaii was awesome but most experiences since then have been less than stellar.
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Feeling out of place in a Record Store

The other day my sister, nephew, and I were touring around LA by subway. We decided to go check out Amoeba records which is one of the largest record/cd stores left in the USA. I’d been before but it’s been years.
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The Tyranny of the +1

I’m sure someone else has already written about this far better than me but this has really been bugging me lately. That is, that +1s or Likes or even more specifically -1s seem like they’re squashing discussion.
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Sometimes meeting your idols can be the worst thing

To put my fandom in perspective I arguably got interested in Japanese partly because of Nomiya Maki. Back when I lived in the Bay Area in 93-95, just about the time I starte studying, Live 105 was playing her song with Pizzicato Five, “Twiggy Twiggy” which I instantly liked.

I proceeded to find all the Pizzicato Five music I could find. That’s a lot of music because they’ve released something like 75 CDs. Sometimes I would study the lyrics. I got laughed at by a co-worker for liking their music. She thought it was “those weird Japanese”.
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Enable Japanese to English Dictionary in iOS

Right after figuring out how to enable the built in Japanese to English dictionary in OSX a friend was like “Awesome! Now they just need it for iOS” to which I thought, hmm, I wonder.

A few clicks later and BAM! Same feature is in iOS
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Turn on the built in Japanese/English Dictionary in OSX

I recently read this article about just how awesome the Webster’s dictionary is compared to other dictionaries.. I highly recommend it.

After reading that I installed that dictionary in OSX. Then a few days later I needed to look up a Japanese word. I usually go to WWWJDIC to look things up but it’s annoying to have to be online.

Then I got to thinking, Hmmm, if I was able to install a dictionary into OSX I’ll bet there’s a Japanese or Japanese to English dictionary. A few clicks later and BAM!, turns out there’s one built in. All you have to do is turn it on.
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Notes about Rome, Florence, Milan, Venice

I took my first trip to Italy. I started in Rome, then Florence, Milan, and finally Venice.

The short version is, Milan was best but over all I Italy didn’t live up to the hype for me.
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Manoa Falls

I was in Honolulu looking up a restaurant or something on Google maps and I saw a marker for “Manoa Falls”. I had never been and I assumed it would be like Opaekaa Falls or Wailua Falls in Kauai. Both of those are just off the road. You get out of your car, walk 50 feet, see the waterfall, get back into your car. At worst I thought it might be like Akaka Falls on Hawaii which is nice paved with steps and walkways with rails.

Instead it was a dirt path about 1 mile long. It was a drizzly day and so it was all really muddy and slippery.
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Amsterdam Notes

Random notes to self about Amsterdam
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Tromsø Notes

Notes to myself about Tromsø

Small town on Island. Kind of reminds me of Kauai as their populations are similar although I don’t know if the population I read is just Tromsø city or if including the surrounding area makes it much bigger
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