Japan according to Hilton Hotels

My friend 6955 showed me this yesterday….What’s wrong with this picture?

click for larger imageHere’s a closer look. According to Hilton, this is Japan

Japan according to HiltonTokyo and Narita are practically a 1/3 of the country apart from each other even though they are actually in the same area? Tokyo and Tokyo Bay are some how magically on opposite sides of the country? Osaka is on the southern tip? And does that look anything like Japan?

Here’s a map of Japan

Japan for realIt might seem like a small matter but come on, would it be okay if they had a map of the USA with New York on the West Coast and JFK Airport somewhere near Maine. No, it wouldn’t.

  • kocchi

    That is whacked. A whole chunk of Western Japan sunk too and Japan started floating Northwards to a peninsula that looks like Korea.

    Honestly, the first thing I thought wrong with that page was “Hilton break” in bold, something subliminal about breaking Paris Hilton out of prison… haha.

  • Chet

    Maybe they had Paris draw the map…

  • Yeah…

    Quality right there. Quality.

  • docstrange

    I think what you’ve really highlighted is how important blogs have become. In the past, these commercial sites with inaccurate info were the only places online to go to (that or a super underground chat room you can’t find). Now there are hundreds of blogs on any topic that help us sort through the BS and find the truth.

  • hilton – masters of both time and space

    Man, I bet if you got there, they’d have lost your reservation as well.

    I think, just from the lack of attention to detail there on the site, I’d be unwilling to trust them with my lodging plans.

    On a side note, this reminds me of Andrewv’s post on that Japanese game map of the USA:


  • GreggF

    With a map like that, maybe Paris isn’t the only one in that family that good stand to read a good book. That map makes it look like a sock that should fit into Italy’s boot.

    That map of America however was hilarious! Apparently the evil queen lives in Chicago, Detroit came over and pushed New York out to sea, and the Japanese really are smart because they know Mexico will be part of the U.S. one day…

  • yukofromAtlanta
    I had a similar reaction 2 weeks ago

    when I was reading my textbook for my Diversity Class at school.  It was a textbook written by 2 prominent Chinese psychologists known for their research in diversity and multicultural issues.  Anyways, they translated “nisei” as “third generation” and I got so upset!!!!  I may have overreacted, but to think that a DIVERSITY textbook (widely used in this field) couldn’t get their f****** facts rights about my culture, pissed me off to no other…

  • Ken

    im japanese australian, born in sumida ward tokyo. i am quite surprised at the place of “otaru” on the map. it is completely opposite to the actual place which should be located in hokkaido, or the northern island of japan. anyway i have seen several times that the Australian tv education programme for children has wrongly said the place of tokyo pointed out at the place of sendai, 500km north of tokyo.

  • zi

    ahaha! OMG! this is hilariously bad in a makes-you-want-to-cry kind of way. Otaru is indeed in Hokkaido. being an illustrator and webdesigner, there’s something called “artistic license”. then there’s something called “wrong”, and this is it. did they get a drunk 5 year old to draw this?

    not really helping the cause for us mapless U.S. Americans and our image abroad.. like… in South Africa, the Iraq, and everywhere like such as…

    if you’ve been in a cave, here’s the reference: