This is now my favorite ramen place in Tokyo and that's saying something!

My friend Jason took me.  He said it was pretty good but of course I was a little skeptical.  He said he used to go to this place when he was contracting at a company near by and it was pretty amazing.

Well, he was RIGHT!  It is AMAZING.  In fact, what's even more amazing is more people don't know about it.  Actually, the only reason there isn't a huge line in front of this place is because it's not in the most crowded of places.  If it was is a good location I suspect there'd be a line at least an hour long at all times.

This place is a Chinese noodle place.  Ramen is originally Chinese but of course being in Japan, most ramen places are Japanese and of course each area in Japan has it's traditional specialties and so each restaurant specializes in usually just one type.

This place those is Chinese run with Chinese chefs and DANG it's good.  They have like 14 kinds of ramen and so far every one of them I've tried has been among the best I've had.  I have tantanmen.  I've had some kind of red spicy tonkotsu ramen.  I've had regular tonkotsu ramen with HUGE chucks of pork (buta no kakunin).  So much so it was hard to eat it all.

But it's not just ramen.  On top of ramen they have about 15 or 20 Chinese dishes including huge bowls of friend rice with tons of meat in them to different kinds of ankake.  I don't even know all the names I just know it's great.

It turns out they are actually a nation wide chain but they only have 2 in Tokyo.  They are run but a large company that has several other restaurants all over Tokyo and Japan.  If they are all as good as this place they much be doing very well indeed!

The one I went to is just two stops from Shinjuku on the Odakyu line at Sangubashi about 3 minutes from the station directly across from Yoyogi Park.

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