Rainbow Roll Sushi


If you are in Japan and are missing California style sushi this is the place to go.

For anybody from the states, most of you have probably at least heard of California Roll.  Although each place makes at a little different the basic recipe seems to be crab or imitation crab and avocado wrapped in rice which is then wrapped in nori.  While you can find crab salad sushi at most sushi restaurants in Japan you generally cannot find it with avocado in it and dang, it's good with avocado so sometimes you just have to seek out California style sushi.

Of course there are lots of other types of California sushi.  Crunchy roll which is shrimp tempura surrounded by rice with I think anago sauce (the sweet sauce they use on eel)

There are catapiller rolls, the avocado on the outside so the roll is green.  Rainbow rolls, 3 to 5 kids of fish on the outside making it multi−colored.  Philadelphia roll because it has cream cheese in it.  Well, Rainbow Roll Sushi has all those and more and they are all good.

It's crowded so you will need reservations and it's a little on the expensive side but if you are craving that wonderful taste then this is one of the few places you get it so go check it out!

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