Useful Origami


Of course I love Origami as a art and as an activity but I'd never seen any origami with a practical use until today.  It's a very simple to make bowl.  It only takes a few seconds, it's easy to remember and it's very useful.  It seemed so useful I had to have my friend teach me and so I pass it on to you.

Step 0:

You need a piece of paper and it must be rectangular.  A square piece of paper will not work.  In fact it's best if you have a normal 8 1/2 by 11 or A4 piece of paper.  I used a two colored piece to hopefully make it easier to see how I'm folding but a regular piece of normal paper works just fine.

Step 1:

Fold it in half

Step 2:

Fold it in half again

Step 3:

Unfold it once then fold the corner in and match it up to the center.

Step 4:

Fold the opposite corner similarly

Step 5:

Open the previous fold and turn it inside out

Step 6:

Do the same for the other side/fold as well

Step 7:

Notice in the picture on the right the blue area at the bottom. The middle is separated. If yours looks like that you need to flip over the sides so only white is showing, so there is no separation at the bottom.

Step 8:

Now fold one of edges over to the center.

Step 9:

Do the same for the opposite edge and the 2 edges on the other side.

Step 10:

Now, the blue part (end part), fold it over in 3rds

The next 3rd should line up with the white (the bottom of the other folds)
Then fold the whole thing over the white part (over the other folds) and press it good and hard.
Step 11:

Do the same for the opposite side

Step 12:

Fold the bottom point up.  This fold is only to make a crease.

press it good and hard to make a good crease
Step 13:

Now open the bowl


Put something in it. It's great for parties or for handing out some chips, crackers, nuts etc at the office or whatever.  My friend that taught me would get a bag of crackers, whip out 3 or 4 of these boxes and then pass them out with crackers in them.  Better than just piling them on a napkin don't you think? 😊

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