The strange Bunny


When we went to Hanami there was this group of about 3 people carrying around a very large but simply made stuffed rabbit doll. And it appeasr they were going around and getting anybody they could to pose with the rabbit. Then they'd snap a picture and had you a card with their website on it. Well, heres their website. We are the 3rd picture. The one with the girl wearing sunglasses. If you can't figure it out you can go directly to our picture here.

Speaking of which is about a month away from the next DesignFesta. Hopefully I'll get over this damn cold I've had for the last week (and that made me miss school today) so that I can go. It's not a strong cold so far except at night. I wish somebody could tell me why colds do that. It's like they are on some kind of clock. I doesn't matter when I get up or how long I sleep the cold gets bad around 11pm and stays bad till 8am. Part of me wants to believe that when I get up at 8am and eat something etc that the symptoms go away but then if that was true why don't they go away at 1am if I do the same thing?

I started looking at a bunch of blogs today. Again I'm impressed and intimidated. What are these people like? Where do they find time to do it? Do they write 12 times a day? I'm sure it just looks like it but still. And the designs are so varied and some so cool.

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