Janet Rules!!


My favorite song on Janet's new Album is called "Someone to call my lover" and it uses the rhythm from "Ventura Highway" by America. I'm not sure it will do it for everybody but I'll at least predict it will be one they choose to promote.

Maybe it's because I'm a 70s kid but it's a perfect blend of nostalgia because of the Ventura Highway part and it's one of Janets funky poppy songs that always makes me fall for her on every album. There's always at least one song that does it for me. On Rhythm Nation it was "Escapade". On her last album it was probably "Together Again" and maybe the bonus track which if I remember right is one of those tracks that's not listed and comes after like a minute of silence past the end of what you are supposed to assume is the end of the CD. Anyway, She has a way of making you think she's the perfect girlfriend (well at least me).

She's clearly super talented, smart, very sexy and yet in at least a few of her songs on each album she comes across as very sweet, very nice, very loving, very one man perfect love kind of girl. I know it's probably all a facade but it works for me. Just listening to the song makes me happy and makes encouraged that I'll eventually find someone.

I searched the net for a sample but none are up. Only "All for you" is currently up. I suppose I could post one and hope she doesn't sick her lawyers on me. 😉

In other news I'm writing this because I can't sleep. I stayed asleep most of the day trying to get over my cold. I'm not there yet though so far tonight isn't as bad as last night but since I slept most of the day I can't fall asleep now. It's 3:33am in the morning and I've got to get up for school tomorrow. I was able to talk myself into missing today since it was "tryout the elective classes day" which is basically a throw away day since they expect you to try each class and as the classes are the same as last semester I already know what I'm going to take.

The strange Bunny