The end of web jobs as we know it


Random thoughts but I friend of mine wants a webpage making job. That's cool, nothing wrong with that. But, I'm occured to me, just how much longer is creating webpages going to be considered *special* (ie, Job worthy)

What I mean is that I envision that webpages are going to be the most common way of communicating in the relatively near future. Your kids will probably not ever use a typewriter and they may never use a Word document (though they may use Word). They may do their homework in some editor that spits out HTML. My point is that in a generation, being able to make a webpage will be about as much a qualification for having a job as being able to read and write. It won't be asked it will be assumed.

That's not to say that even though nearly everybody can read and write there aren't jobs for people to design ads, do page layout and stuff but they are not quite the *special* jobs that making webpages have been considered for the last few years.

Of course maybe with all the new tech that comes out every few months it will still take *special* people to keep up with it.

What do you think?

In another random thought, I was talking to that same girl and some how we got on the topic of watching movies at school and it wasn't until now that I realized that I never once saw a VHS video tape while I was in Elementary School, Juinor High or High School. My friend Ron had a VHS deck but the school did not. 98% of the movies I saw were actual movies on film shown on a projector. I remember wanting to be the operator and thread the film etc. In junior high we had a video reel−to−reel deck. It used 6 or 8 inch reels and it was about 18x12x8 inches big. The teachers would use it to tape semi−historical dramas from TV once in a while to show to the class.

It just never occured to me that for some time now every school probably has a TV and a VCR in every class as well as a computer possibly with a DVD player.

It might not be too much longer before VHS disappears too now that we have recordable DVDs or maybe just straight to HD and broadband.

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