Super High Speed Family Car King, Vrooom!!!


Here in Japan there is a series of PS2 games called the Simple Series which would basically be described as low budget games.

This week I guess is the first time one of those games made it to the #1 sales position. The game is called "超最速!族車キングBU" which translated I think means "Super High Speed Family Car King, Vrooom!!!" which features this screen

There are some treasures in the series. For example "The Earth Defense Force" is a pretty awesome game about fighting off giant ants, monsters and aliens. There's also lots of funky ones like "The大美人" (The Giant Beautiful Woman) or "ラブ★エアロビ♪ (Love Aerobics)

Lots of people complain about the fact that there is no place for indy games for consoles. I don't know how these games are created but it sure seems like they are indy games. Maybe they should try this in other markets as well.

Kawaii Keitai
Japanese Input on Windows XP