Kawaii Keitai


More random cell phone news. Today I saw Panasonic's new p252iS cell phone. It's about 2/3rds the height of most other cell phones making it chou−kawaii!!!

It's got what is basically now the bottom of the line features in Japan which is color display, Java app/game support and a digital camera. It's also got mini−SD card support to make it easy to get your pictures out.

Every time they make a new cell phone they try to think of something new to put in it. Most phones support picture/icon characters like happy faces etc. Unfortunately they are generally provider specific. Vodofone's icon characters don't show up on AU's or NTTs phones. Even above that, some phones have characters that only work on those specific phones. The idea is you and all your friends should get the same phone so you can send lots of e−mail with these icons in them.

Well, this phone's special feature is it will look at the icons in the e−mail it just received and flash your phone's lights in different patterns and colors based on the icons. So if your friend used sad icons it will flash codes for sad, if they used happy icons it will flash codes for happy.

Super High Speed Family Car King, Vrooom!!!