Sony's Network Media Receiver


I guess it's getting close to winter bonus time because the gadgets seem to be pouring out. Here's one of the things stuff I saw today.

Sony had setup a special shop in Shibuya just to promote this. They call it a "Network Media Receiver". It reads video files off your computer's harddrive over the net and displays them on your TV. It will also handle music and photos. It's controlled through a remote. Assuming your computer supports "wake on lan" which the latest sony computers support then you don't need to leave your computer on. It will start it up if it needs to.

The best part though was Sony made all the girls do their hair like this

I'm not really sure where this idea is going. Maybe in 3 − 5 years when most of my video and music is on my computer but right now most of that is on CDs and DVDs. Plus, one big problem with it is it's not wireless. You have to run networking cable from your computer to every room you want to put on of these in.

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