Organic Cafe


I absolutely hate Starbucks!!  There, I said it.  Actually that's not true but I never go into a Starbucks unless someone else is doing the deciding.  The reason is it's so bland.  I see going to Starbucks about as interesting as going to Mc Donalds which I also tend to avoid.  I would much much rather go some place with some atmosphere, something I can't get any place else.  Something unique.  Which brings up the Organic Cafe

The Organic Cafe is almost my idea of a perfect cafe.  It's got style.  There is always great music playing.  It's got a selection of food and desserts instead of just a few cookies.  The interior is interesting.  There are various interesting magazines to read.  There's just something about a place like the Organic Cafe that makes me want to hang out there.

I found this place when my friend Miyuki invited my other friend Yuki and I to go to this recommended pizza place.  After we left the pizza place (which was great).  We looked around for a cafe.

I think the girls would have looked for a chain like starbucks but fortunately there was not one in the area so I walked into a store that had someone working there that looked like they would enjoy a good cafe and I asked them, "are there any good cafes around here?".  She told us about two, one called something like Chanoma which we could not find and then the second was the Organic Cafe except it took as a few minutes to find it as her map was not that great.

And so there you have it.  Unfortunately it's not all that close to where I live or work but it's not that far.  I've been back 3 or 4 times and been happy every time.

It's in Naka Meguro.  Take Tokoyo line from Shibuya or Hibiya line and get off at Naka Meguro.  There's only one exit so from the exit cross the big street, and walk beside the tracks on the right side.  When you come to the river turn right just before the river.  The Organic Cafe is about 1 minute down the side of the river.

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