My birthday is coming up in a month. A card would be fine but if you want to send me something there are some ideas here. I'm going to be 36!!! Ugh!!!

I saw Red Shadow, a Japanese Ninja movie today. Pretty standard Japanese crap as usual 😞 Not even has good as say Mortal Kombat.

After I had more Mac fun today at the Virgin Cafe. I thought I'd check and see if my new style worked on the Mac better than the old one. I can't really tell but it crashed on me at one point and I noticed the Macs crash on at last 3 other people why I was there. Pretty sad. Fortunately iMacs have a power button on the front so they are easy to reset.

Another thing you could get me for my birthday if you've got an extra $10k burning a hole in your pocket 😃 is this projector display. I'd like about 8 of them. I want to make some multi−media art. (I'll post a page about that soon)

Earlier this week I was at one of the food basements which I go to at least a couple of times a week to pick up dinner and I went to the produce section and they had BUGS for sale. They had Japanese crickets, LIVE, $5 each including a cage. Japanese crickets have a slightly more melodic sound than SoCal crickets. Also, in the same group they had some of those giant rhino beetles. You know those beetles that are likes as big as as a pager with the giant antler like antennas. I don't know if they also make a special sound or what but they were being sold as pets not food except that this was not a pet store. I was tempted to get one but that day I wasn't going directly home. I went again yesterday though and they didn't have them anymore. I think you feed them bananas.

Maybe you've seen this but on the trip to Hong Kong the planes had LCD TV's for each person. That's not new but they also had 2 outside cameras you could tune into. One was directly out front. The other was maybe 70 degress down from that. So, during take off and landing you could watch it. They show the front view on the big screen too. I'm was curious if people find that more comforting or less.

My first girlfriend, Chela, contacted me recently through e−mail. It's not hard to find me on the net (although I can't figure out why google.com refuses to include my site. I've signed up for service twice in the last 6 months but still nothing is listed except by other sites with links to mine. It makes me wonder if somebody will replace them since clearly they do not cover the whole net. My site has been up for over 5 years now. They should at least have a couple of pages listed.)

Anyway, it's nice to catch up with her. She's been married 14 years now. Lives in the Seattle area with her husband and several dogs. Kind of cool.

Actually that brings up a question for all my friends. I have ZERO, ZILCH, NADA, NONE, NO pictures of my life from 18 to about 30. From the time I went to BYU to the time I started Seven. No pictures of BYU, my dorms, my friends, my old girlfriend. No pictures of life in Baltimore, Cockeysville, Microprose, M.U.S.E., No pictures of life in West LA when my friends were at UCLA and Dan lived in Oxnard. No pictures of Westlake and Cinemaware. No pictures of Mission Viejo place 1 or 2. No pictures of Virgin Games, My apartment in Corona Del Mar or, Costa Mesa. No pictures of my place with my X−wife in Huntington Beach. No pictures of my desk at Voldi's offices. I also have no pictures of San Fransisco, Crystal Dynamics, Palo Alto, the Ranch, Daly City or Redwood City.

The only pictures I have from that time are two pictures of the back of my first girlfriend that my dad took and a few wedding pictures that my Mom kept.

If any of you have ANY pictures of that time I would really like to get copies, scans, e−mail, or be able to borrow them to scan myself.

Japanese Fast Food