Japanese Fast Food


Here in Japan there is of course McDonalds but what's more interesting are the local brands and what they have that you can't find in America.

My new favorite is Freshness Burger where they have for example Lasagna Burgers which are actually lasagna on a bun, no patty. Also they have the Bacon Omelet Burger which likewise is an Omelet on at a bun, no patty. They are actually pretty good.

My second favorite is First Kitchen where they have 8 flavors of fries and 6 or so sauces. For the fries they have Korean BBQ flavored, Buttered Potato Flavored, Basil Flavored, Chicken Soup Flavored, Italian Tomato Flavored, Garlic Flavored, Korean Nori (seaweed) Flavored and of course plain.

Mos Burger which is not my favorite is probably #1 in Japan next to McDonalds. They have things like the Shrimp Tempura Rice Burger the Pork Tonkatsu Burger (deep fried breaded pork).

Lotteria is another one which I kind of find to be on the lower side like say Hardee's for you east coast people. They are currently featuring the Korean BBQ Burger.

There's also a chain called Becker's which as quite a line up.

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