Peruvian place at Cerritos and Western.


There is a little hole in the wall Peruvian restaurant at the corner of Western and Cerritos.  If you've never tried Peruvian food (as in from Peru) I suggest you try it.  It's pretty good and somewhat different.  One of the dishes I had there is this potato dish with this thick yellow gravy/sauce poured all over it.  Very good!   Also I had some squid salad and the squid was as tender as chicken.  Not rubbery at all.  Yum!  They also have chicken dishes.

Directions: Take the 22 west from the 5 to Knott.  The Knott exit exits on to Garden Grove Blvd.  Turn right and the next light is Western.  Turn left on to Western and go about 7 lights to Cerritos.  Turn left.  It's on the corner on your right.

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