Pho Mai Nguyen (the Catfish Place)


I've not been to many Vietnamese places but the catfish here is the best I've had.   It's great.  In fact it's so good I could each just that as my only dish plus some rice.  My friend Neil introduced me to this place. Vietnamese style eggrolls are also very good.  You roll them in a piece of lettuce and then dip them in a semi sweet reddish orange sauce.  Yum!  Another thing to try is the combination BBQ pork and vermicelli

Directions: Going north on Brookhurst from the 405 you pass Hazard street.  On the right will be a long strip mall. That strip mall will end at a small neighborhood street and the first restaurant in the next strip mall that starts on the other side of that neighborhood street is the place.

Peruvian place at Cerritos and Western.
Picnic Garden