My Mansion


In Japan there are apartments (aparto) and mansions.  An aparto is in a usually fairly old looking two story building.  A mansion is usually in a higher newer building.  Since mine is in a 5 store building and the building looks fairly new that means I live in a mansion.  On the other hand this building is owned by Sega and therefore it's called a dorm or "ryou".  One things about a "ryou" is it has rules.  For example I'm not supposed to have any non−Sega visitors.


Here's the building.  The sign says Sega's dorms.


The entrance is locked and you need to use the intercom to ring somebody if you're a guest.


Here's my mail box.  Send me some damit! 😊


If I get a package it will be in one of these lockers.  I have an ATM like card that I run through the machine and the locker with my package in it will unlock.


This is the hallway and my front door.  There are about 15 rooms per floor


So here is my place just after I arrived from America.  It's actually larger than I expected.


It came with a refrigerator (reizoko)


and a small kitchen


And I've even got my own bathroom.  Some "ryo" have common bathrooms.

Here's the view outside on my porch.  I'm on the fourth floor


Here it is after all my stuff arrived.  It looks worse then it is.  I need a dresser, one more bookshelf and some shelves for my closet and I'll be able to put everything away.


And this is Mr. and Mrs Fujiwara−san.  They are the managers of the ryou.



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