Coming to Japan


We left on May 29th, 1998


My grandmother, my Tutu, got my plane ticket so I used the money to get a limo to take us to the airport.  My friend Mikako was going back on the same flight so we went together and brought our friends.


Mikako and her friend on the plane.


Look, there isn't a single key on my key chain.  I don't think that's been true since I've had a keychain.


This is the express train from Narita Airport to Tokyo and the view just outside of the Airport.  It looks just like My Neighbor, Totoro.


One of the many train stations I had to carry my extra large bags through.  I'm surprised I actally made it.  That thing was heavy and I had to switch trains 4 times going up and down several flights of stairs.  The trip from the airport to Sega took about 3 hours.

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