Lessons from Star Trek


I've been reading Steve Pavlina's self help site recently trying to figure myself out. His latest post is about Star Trek: The Next Generation as examples of they types of people to aspire to be.

It's an interesting universe and it would be nice to aspire to the but it only takes a little thought to realize it would never work.

No money? Then how do you decide who gets to live in the penthouse or beach front property and who gets a 1st floor apartment in downtown Detroit? You can't replicate those.

As for all getting along and supporting each other, there's only one captain and I'm sure there is more than one person that wants to be captain so all the backstabbing, politics, brown nosing and other stuff that happens today would never go away even if there was no need for money.

Even more, I personally believe we'd have an extremely hard time getting anything done if there was no need for money. I'd like to believe projects that take 200 people 2 or more years would still get done (Lord of the Rings the movie, Halo) but I think the truth is the majority of those people only stick around to work because they need the money. If they didn't need the money then they'd most likely want to either relax OR do their own thing, not what some director / boss tells them to do. Working in a creative field I often have to deal with decisions that my boss makes that I don't agree with. Design decisions. It's only because he's my boss and I need the job that I actually stick around. Remove the need to stay (no money needed) and I think most people would leave much easier when they had a disagreement.

It's probably a great goal to want to be as good as the main characters of ST:TNG but you're going to have to deal with the real world and ST:TNG never shows the characters having to deal with those issues.

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