An Izakaya is a Japanese style bar.  When you hear that Japanese businessmen go out drinking every night an Izakaya is were they go.  I don’t have much experience with bars in the U.S. but so far I really like Izakayas.  They have all kinds of food and they serve it in small usually pretty cheap portions so you can try lots of different things.

On of my favorites is Tsubohachi which is a very large chain.  I think there is a Tsubohachi Izakaya near practially every train station. There’s one near my station and one at the next station.  There are two or three of them in Shinjuku.  My friend Mark first took me to the one in Akasaka which is kind of the business district of Tokyo.   He says it’s not a good one but then I like it because it seems to have a little more variety of food them many.  Here’s the menu.


I suggest you click on the picture and scroll around the big version of this picture.   Warning.  It’s a BIG file.  About 1.5meg.  But on the big version you can see all the different kinds of food and the prices.  The prices are in yen and one yen is about equal to 1 penny so if it says 300yen that’s 300 cents or 3 dollars.


This is the drink menu at Tsubohachi.  Izakayas are usually very loud places and you can often hear people playing drinking games with their co-workers.

I think most Izakayas are similar but they all have different menus and specialize in different things.

So far the best one I’ve been to is the one at the Nikko Hotel in Kawasaki.  You can read about it here (Random Stuff)

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    Izakaya in New York

    my friend recently visited from japan and the first place he took me when he came to new york was a place in the East Village called Kenka. The atomospher was amazing, food amazing, and service was even better, just get there by 6 or else ur waiting for a table for hours. i mean who can beat $1.50 kiriin ichican drafts. and in manhattan no less. its located on st marks btwn 2nd and 3rd ave. u can take the 6 to astro place and walk, or u can take a cab to 25 st makrs place…enjoy.

    and yes this site is one of the best source for ur info about japan

    mata ne

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    I’ve been to Japan and visited many places. It’s a wonderful country. When I came back to my country I found out there’s a special place I’ve never visited and that’s Izakaya.I love dining out when I was still in Japan coz i love Japanese food.Maybe next time if I’ll have the chance  to visit Japan again that will be the first place Im going to look for…. : )

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