I really don't get the point of .plan files


Okay, that's not entirely true.  I get wanting to share information.  What I don't get is why use a .plan file when everybody is using the web.  Why not just make a webpage and edit it?  Then anybody can read it not just other geeks that know how to use finger and have the right software and/or not just people who have a web page setup to read their .plan.  I don't get it.  Also, .plan files, I believe, are generally not editable from a distance at least not through any resonable firewall since .plan files are usually in your personal local directory that's not usually something you want other people to be able to poke around in.  Web files though are often editable from anywhere in the world as long as you have the right password.  I guess I've got to assume it has something to do with momentum.  .plan files have been around for years since long before the web existed and people just haven't changed yet.

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