Hakata Tenjin


Late one night I checked out a ramen place in Kabukicho

When you need something to eat late an night in Tokyo one good place is a ramen shop.

In downtown Tokyo generally the last movie of the night is at about 6:30pm.  They can't start a movie at 9:30 because the employees couldn't make it home after the movie ended since the trains stop at midnight.

But, on Friday and Saturday nights in Shinjuku they have all night movies.  Last show is at 3am.

One night I was out there for the 1am movie, I don't remember which movie, and after words I decided to check out this ramen place.

busy at 3amIt's in Kabukicho right in the middle of the main street that says "Kabukicho" in Japanese written above it.

It's part of a small chain.  There are actually even 2 stores in Kabukicho.  It's not the best I've had but it is still pretty good.  Especially for 3am food.  If you are in the area check it out.



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