Bio Hazard / Resident Evil (the Movie)


I got home at 1am this morning. Turned on the tube, checked my e−mail, saw a trailer with audience testimonials and then decided to run out and see Bio Hazard the movie at 2:30am showing 😉

I went in with low expectations so I'm not going to try to claim it's a good movie but I actually did enjoy it. There are a few glaring holes in the plot of course but it was fun. It was what I expected. Lots of scary zombies.

I'm not a huge Milla Jovovich fan although I understand why many of my male friends salivate at her presence. But, she kicked all kinds of ass over Laura Croft/Angelina Jolie in Tomb Raider.

If you are into action horror movies go check it out.

Hakata Tenjin