Gmail sucks! Yahoo rules!

I know I’m going to get flamed but damit, I don’t get the love for gmail.

I’ve been using the new Yahoo for a year or so now and I didn’t see the point to gmail but…… has one thing which it does that Yahoo currently doesn’t AKAIK. Gmail has the option to correctly send Japanese mail in a Japanese encoding (ISO-2022-JP) instead of Unicode (UTF-8).

This means to many Japanese friends, if I send Japanese email from Yahoo they get garbage were as if I do it from gmail it works.

So,……..yesterday I tried switching to Gmail and so far…..YUCK!!!!

First off I like the split window of Yahoo (and Outlook and Outlook Express and Thunderbird). It’s much nicer to click on a message and have it appear at the bottom (Yahoo) then switch between the list of messages and have the list disappear to be replaced by the message. Then, when I’m through with the message I go back to the list but I have to find out where I was since it’s been redrawn. In the split method I don’t loose my place in the list since it never disappeared.

I imported all my contacts and then I go to compose. I type “Joh” for “John” and I expect it to auto complete. It doesn’t. (Yahoo does). I think, hmmm, maybe if I just press send it will ask me to select the John I mean. No! it just gives an error (“type correct email addresses in the ___@___ form please” Isn’t software supposed to be helpful. Stuff like that is like pre 1985 bullshit.

I thought maybe if I put the cursor in the To: field and picked a contact from the Quick Contacts list it would get added. Nope, instead I’m asked if I want to discard the message I’m writing 🙁 Okay, how about dragging and dropping them? Nope. 🙁

It turns out they want you to go to your contacts list, check the people you want to send to and then pick “compose”. but, what I forgot someone? I had John, James and Jim and then as I’m typing I remember, oh yea I need to include Jill and Joe. Oh well, too bad, I have to start over. There is no way to add new contacts to mail you’ve already started in gmail. Yahoo has no such problem.

Someone please tell me why people like gmail? I seriously don’t get it? The interface sucks ass and it doesn’t help me, it only gets in my way.

There are no folders in gmail, oh well, there’s the few pre-defined ones but you can’t make your own, instead you are expected to “tag” messages. Maybe I just have to get used to that. I think tags are a good idea but instead of folders? How about both? I want to be able to make a “GameDev” folder and have all my game development mailing list mails go in there directly, not to clutter my inbox. Sure I can click a tag and have only mails that show that tag appear but that’s only half the solution. With the folders solution I can click the “Game Dev” folder which is similar to clicking the “Game Dev” tag but there is no option to click “Inbox” and have the game dev message NOT appear there.

In Yahoo it’s the default setup to have mulitple tabs. Like all those people who think tabbed browsing is the coolest thing ever, why doesn’t that same sense carry over to their opinion of gmail? In Yahoo mail if I click compose a new tab is created automatically. I can flip between my inbox, the old message and the message being composed with no thought. If I start another new message a new tab is created so I can be in the middle of composing a message, think of something quick I need to send to someone else, pick compose, type that message, hit send and be directly back to my old message. No thinking ahead or planning required it just works and stays out of my way. I can even switch back and forth between multiple messages being composed.

In GMail when I click compose my inbox is replaced. There’s a botton I can click to make it a new window but why should I have to go through the extra step? If I decide to start a new mail can click compose or contacts or inbox I’ll be scolded “Discard You Message”? Instead I have to manaully click the “move to another window button” and then I can click compose for the second message.

Yahoo solves this problem elequantly, gmail solves it poorly.

Some people claim gmail’s search is great. I’ll probably have to use it for a while to find out why or if it’s better than Yahoo Mail’s search. Yahoo already has two advantages in UI/presentation over gmail’s. One, each search shows up in a separate tab unlike gmail which replaces the main screen with the search results. That means I can reference the results of multiple searching AND my inbox AND compose multiple messages all at once easily on Yahoo but not on gmail.

Two, Yahoo shows excerpts from each message, Gmail shows just the topic and a few characters. That means it’s much quicker to find the message I want in Yahoo. (yes, there is a check box to turn off the “snippets” if you just one one line per mail).

Another advantage to Yahoo IMO is it’s lists are the full list. Google just shows pages. That means in yahoo (like Outlook or Thunderbird) if I have 150 messages I just scroll down the list. In gmail it only shows so many messages at a time, like say 30 so if I want to see the next 30 I have to ask 🙁

Also, Yahoo (like Thunderbird or Outlook) I can sort the lists by column. Sort by name or by date or by subject. As far as I can tell gmail has no such options. Maybe you just get used to using search? If I want to find messages from “john smith” I could search for “john smith”. That will return every message to or from or CCed to John Smith where as sorting my inbox list allows me to find messages only from John Smith and sorting my “sent mail” folder allows to me find message only from John Smith. I personally find that more ease and intuitive than always searching and having no sorting options.

Maybe I missing something, maybe there are solutions for all of these in gmail or maybe there is some other orgasmic feature I won’t be able to live without once I get used to it but so far gmail is nothing but ugly, old and frustrating for me.

  • I’m with you

    I’m with you. I’ve complained about much of the same problems in the past:

    I believe gmail is weird in some respects and gets too much credit. I don’t think it’s totally blows but I do think they a few more steps back then they did forward when attempting to break the mold of mail UI.

    PS … as a fellow game designer I really enjoy reading your blog. Keep up the good work!

  • Skip Inbox


    Use the Skip Inbox in conjunction with Apply label to get functionality similar to automatically putting messages into folders like on Yahoo. I do this and it works quite well.

    For me, I just find the Yahoo interface too slow (the new one not the Yahoo JP interface) compared to Gmail.



  • Anoop

    The Yahoo mail thing seems to be pretty new. Gmail has been around for well over a year in its current form. It was quite a step up from the previous Yahoo Mail and the current Hotmail interfaces when it first came out, but I agree that now Yahoo Mail totally destroys it.

    Both seem to be working toward having offline application style interfaces for their web apps, so I expect the next big Google update to offer something similar.

    As for the folder/tag thing, this is also a problem I originally had with the Google online word processor, which I’ve been using for all my writing of late (I skipped out on Word when buying my Macbook). A folder and tag can be considered the same thing to a certain extent, but the Google presentation doesn’t abstract the tag idea enough, in my opinion.

  • mikem
    all webmail sucks

    I’m not a huge fan of webmail at all, but when the gmail beta invites started being passed out it was light-years ahead of everything out there. If Yahoo is finally catching up, then the competition can only be a good thing.

    I would check your browser setup though. If you aren’t getting auto-completion on the To: line of the compose window then you might be missing out on a whole lot of the cooler features of gmail. It’s designed to work with just about any browser setup, but all of the best features require the full AJAX functionality.

    Thunderbird is still better. 🙂

  • I’m not a huge fan of webmail at all, but when the gmail beta invites started being passed out it was light-years ahead of everything out there

    No, it wasn’t. When gmail came out, Oddpost was already running and Oddpost is what is now Yahoo Mail.

    If gmail supports auto completion I’d like to know what’s up. I’ve tried it in IE6, IE7 and Firefox (current as of the time of this posting) and none of them autocomplete in gmail 🙁

    I’m sticking with it for at least a few more days. I find the layout hard to look at though compared to Yahoo. A list of messages is much more cluttered but maybe my eyes will adjust.

  • Autocompletion Works!!!

    Well, that’s a relief. I can only guess that it took some time between the time I added the address and the time google’s servers started allowing me to access them as autocompletions. Well, that’s one down.

  • lu2

    Yeah, I was going to mention that might be the case. 😛 Esp since I’ve always been able to autocomplete. I think gmail is trying to reinvent the wheel in a lot of ways, some good, some bad. Give it some time and you’ll probably figure out which figures are ones that just take getting used to and which ones actually suck. I swore off Yahoo for a while (too much spam and then they started *charging* for pop mail) but I’ve been using it for work. The new Yahoo is not too bad interfacewise, but it can be super slow and buggy with dealing with attachments. It also freezes a lot and has difficulty sending files to other mailers without truncating the names of files or changing them completely. My boss is making me use AOL to send files to her now…>.<

  • Anon

    if you get an .mp3 attachment in gmail it automatically lets you listen to it in an embedded flash if you like, so you can sample it before downloading it.

    i think that’s a neat feature.

  • Anon

    the pages vs. lists thing really sucks though.

    try having 3000+ mails from a mailing list you never read and then you decide they’re all crap and you want to delete them.. well they all have the distinct tag but.. mark all -> delete -> next page -> mark all .. ehh..

    the only way to do it is to write a python script that deletes every mail with that tag. it’s cool that there are python bindings but come on…

    i guess in the buzz of “unlimited space, never delete!” they decided to also make it near impossible to delete crap

  • kai

    It took me a while to get used to gmail when i originally switched from yahoo!

    my primary reason for switching, and this is big in my book, is the free POP access — so i can download all my mail from Gmail to Thunderbird for free.

    second — i also found that the new Yahoo! mail was slow to load. I prefer a slimmer, more functional design for web mail and all the bells & whistles on my local client. On my existing yahoo account, I switched back to the non-beta version.

  • yahoo is faster IMO

    As far as yahoo being slow, yes it takes a few seconds longer to load but once it’s loaded everything is faster or at least feels faster. Partly because of the better interface more is accessable at once. Since I basically load it once a day and then leave it open that few seconds to start up means nothing for me.

  • anonnanana
    Yahoo vs. Gmail

    I couldn’t get the email acount name that I wanted with Yahoo…but I could with gmail…otherwise I’d still be using yahoo.

    Hotmail, on the other hand, TOTALLY blows, especially because you can’t search the contents of messages.

  • WizMaster
    Webmail isn’t really that great to begin with…

    You bring up some interesting points and I can see your frustration. I never really liked webmail at all and I opt for using a mail client and using POP or IMAP to access my mail. That is where Gmail trumped Yahoo (not sure about now), it provided free POP access. Frankly, I prefer being able to choose my favorite mail client with my favorite interface and set it up to receive all my mail. It beats logging into a website IMO. I haven’t really played around with my Yahoo account (just enough to keep it) but I’ll check out the new inerface.

  • ZeroToHero

    I use gMail for personal and even all my business needs and Yahoo for crap that I never read, like newsletters, “friends” etc that I check once/week.

    For me, the main advantage of gMail is that it is cleaner and it is focused. It’s hard to explain, really. Stick with it for a few months, it’s really good.

  • ZeroToHero

    @ Anon: “the pages vs. lists thing really sucks though.

    try having 3000+ mails from a mailing list you never read and then you decide they’re all crap and you want to delete them.. well they all have the distinct tag but.. mark all -> delete -> next page -> mark all .. ehh..

    the only way to do it is to write a python script that deletes every mail with that tag. it’s cool that there are python bindings but come on… ”

    So does Yahoo allow something like “delete all posts by criteria xy”? It didn’t the last time I checked.

    @ greg

    “There are no folders in gmail, oh well, there’s the few pre-defined ones but you can’t make your own, instead you are expected to “tag” messages. Maybe I just have to get used to that. I think tags are a good idea but instead of folders? How about both?”

    Why not use tags as folders? At least that’s what I do.

    “I want to be able to make a “GameDev” folder and have all my game development mailing list mails go in there directly, not to clutter my inbox. Sure I can click a tag and have only mails that show that tag appear but that’s only half the solution. With the folders solution I can click the “Game Dev” folder which is similar to clicking the “Game Dev” tag but there is no option to click “Inbox” and have the game dev message NOT appear there.”

    Check the “skip inbox” in the second step of creating a filter.

  • Dax
    Gmail evolution

    I use Gmail since 2005 and they add features on a regular basis, while yahoo seems to prefer big updates instead of continuos ones.

    Gmail will reach the next step when yahoo, well, will be like it is today.

    Workarounds like tags and “skip inbox” do work by the way, get used to those and wait for new features as they are sure to come…(shortly)

  • Folders vs. Labels

    Though I’m not a huge gmail fan, I have learned to avoid much of the frustration I had at first.  Here are a few tips to address some of your frustrations.

    1. You can create as many labels (folders) as you want.  Simply click on “edit labels” to add a new one.
    2. If you “apply label” to your e-mails, then click “archive”, it sends every e-mail with a label to that particular label’s “folder”, and only leaves unlabeled e-mails in your inbox.  Then, to access the e-mails tagged, for example “gamedev” just click on the label (aka the folder name).  That keeps my inbox from being too cluttered.  Sure, it’s a two-step process (apply label, then archive) which is nowhere near as easy as drag and drop, but hey, it works. 
    3. In Settings, you can choose to see up to 100 e-mails per page…that might help you as well.

    Hope that helps!

  • Threads, and labels vs folders

    One of the things I really like about GMail is that messages are organized into conversation threads. So if I send a message, the reply is kept with it, as are subsequent replies back and forth. Also quoted text is hidden by default, but a single click allows you to toggle that.

    As for folders vs labels, both are good for organizing messages, however, I believe that labels are the more powerful method, as you can attach as many labels as you want to a single message. You can’t (without duplicating data) put the same message in multiple folders. That’s one thing that’s always bugged me, only being able to put a mesage under a single folder, even if it could belong in multiple folders (especially if I’ll need to refer to it in the future, and I don’t remember where I actually put it in the list of possible places I could have filed it away in).

    If you don’t like those mailing lists showing up in your inbox, then definitely have that “skip inbox” option checked, and the messages will be auto-archived. Then they won’t clutter up your inbox and you can view them when you want by clicking on their label.

    The great thing about being able to put multiple labels on a message/conversation is for cross-referencing, you can apply all the labels to a conversation that would apply, especially if multiple topics are addressed in the same conversation, it’s like tagging a blog post with multiple categories.

    I also use multiple labels for sub-categorizing as well. You can even have multiple filters with the same filtering criteria to apply multiple labels to a message at once. For instance, you could have “Conventions” label, then a label for each convention, like “SomeCon” and “SomeOther Con”, so if you clicked on “Conventions” you’d see all the conversations relevant to conventions, and if you clicked on “SomeCon” you’d see only the messages relevant to SomeCon.

    Also, to get a new window to come up when you click Compose, hold down shift, then click.

    And yes, with GMail, get used to search, even the Label links on the side are just a quick search. In fact, IIRC, that’s one of their taglines, “Search, don’t sort.” If you want to find messages from, but not to, “John Smith” try the search “from: John Smith” and it will return all conversations that contain messages from John Smith. Keep in mind that because messages are grouped together in conversations, there may be messages in that conversation that are addressed _to_ John Smith as well, but it won’t find conversations where there were no messages _from_ John Smith.

    Check out: for more information on GMail’s advanced search operators.

    As an alternate, if you don’t want to mess with or try and remember the operators, you can also click the “Show search sptions” link to the right of the “Search Mail” and “Search the Web” buttons, which will replace that search box with a larger box that has several search boxes you can fill in, including “From,” “To, “Subject,” etc.

    Also as “Anon” mentioned an example of a few posts up, GMail has some great attachment preview options. Image files, mp3s, PDFs, Office docs, etc., they all have preview options that don’t require you to actually download the attachment to get a quick view of them. For Office docs, you can even open them up in Google Docs & Spreadsheets right from GMail. Office Docs and & PDFs both have a “View as HTML” option as their quick view options.

    Here’s an article with GMail power tips as well, if you are interested:,1697,1865173,00.asp

    Anyway, I hope this has helped answer some of your concerns. ^_^

    — Tasunke

  • Paul
    Google is trying to reinvent a wheel

    I am talking about Gmail “labels” and the way they group messages in “conversations”. Whoever proposed using “labels” instead of folders should be fired and sent back to elementary school, period.

    As for those “conversations”, let me group my letters the way *I* prefer, instead of doing it for me and making a totally unmanageable salad salad of ingoing and outgoing letters.

    The shortest rout between 2 points is a straight line. Will they ever learn it?

  • anon

    I’m certainly glad you aren’t in charge of GMail.  labels and conversations are a life saver for me.

    My problem is that I get too much mail to sort everything out myself in folders.  That’s why I need GMail to help order for me.  I’m more than willing to adapt my way of thinking to GMail’s way of organizing things as the tradeoff for far greater productivity.

  • Paul
  • GumbyTheCat
    I agree: GMail blows

    I have no idea why people like GMail.  In the time it takes that godawful slow system to bring up my inbox I could have checked my Yahoo or Hotmail inbox three times.  This is a huge flop on Google’s part and who cares about the multiple gigs of storage space!  What a poor design.


  • Binky
    gmail vs yahoo

    I was open to the idea of reorganizing my email by using labels and conversations and switched to gmail, mostly at the time because yahoo was having reliability issues and I was looking for a alternative.   I have a CS degree and understand state space search problems of today/tommorow, limitations of hierarchial storage etc.   The problem is people don’t think like google PhDs, who by their craft think of narrow problem domains; ie storage optimization, search optimization. Not necessarily what people really enjoy.   People like the convienence of a simple hierarchy, they want the simplicity to sort things into little boxes, etc.  There is nothing wrong with that at all.  When i was putting labels and archiving everything in gmail, the reoccuring thought I had was ‘im creating a huge mess to address down the road’.   I switched back to yahoo after giving gmail a try.  Overall I think it is great that gmail did what they did, and some features will likely evolve email clients over time; like what firefox did for tabbed browsing in my opinion.  And, maybe some people’s brains work with labels and conversations better than me.  I prefer the control of my email and dont like the loss of granularity and familiarity I get by managing my email into folders.  But, my thinking was similiar about SPAM filters 5 years ago, but they have matured to the point where I would be lost without them today.

  • no_name
    It will be unanimous

    I logged into my gmail account for the last time today.  It’s so counterintuitive it hurts.  Even the most basic of things such as organizing emails turns into a drawn out issue.  I can’t create folders for my email correspondence~ WTF?! 

    I even had to spend a total of five minutes to properly delete the account, and I’m someone who knows there way around a keyboard.  Geez, go back to the drawing board, Google.  Gmail sucks hard. 

  • Ann

    I’ve recently switched to G-mail from comcast and quite frankly G-mail sucks!! Except for the labels and often with glitches, the software is not clean, simple and logical. I don’t know who designed this software, but it’s really useless and unfriendly. I cant take another day of it!!!

  • Blind Google following

    One of the reasons that I refuse to use Google for anything is this rediculous Google following.  I really do not have anything against Google themselves but their fans are followers.  Google has some nice features but so do half a dozen other places.  About the only spectacular thing that Google has is Google Earth. Their email looks too plain. Their Google Talk is seriously lacking.

    I use MSN, Yahoo,, Altavista or anyone but Google.

    I cannot stand followers like most in the tech community.  Ask most people what they love about Google and you will get a dissertation on how wonderful it is to have their plain page.  I was pleased to see the title of this post.

  • JHS
    I agree

    GMail sucks that signature thing at the bottom is literally the most illogical piece of computer programming I have ever seen. At least give us the option. Some bright guy created a patch (google “Gmail float” and you will find it) but now GMail came out with a new version so it has to be re-written. Sheesh. The reason I like like GMail is because it loads fast. That’s it, but that is huge.

  • Complaint not valid anymore. Use Thunderbird with GMail via IMAP4

    You say you like the split window of M$-Lookout, sorry, I mean, Outlook Express, and Thunderbird.

    Well, guess what, you can now configure your favourite e-mail client like Outlook Express or Thunderbird to access your GMail account, and get the same end-user interface you love.

    Just configure as server IMAP.GMAIL.COM. There you have!

    Btw: you miss the point, the standard GMail interface is a WEB / AJAX interface. It’s a different thing than using an e-mail client.

  • Google has ugly design

    Being a web designer, I take into consideration how nice something looks and not just what it can do. Google in general has some really poor web design on all of their websites. That is why alot of their stuff appeals more towards the “computer science” crowd and not your average joe user. Yahoo and Microsoft do a much better job at grabbing those users. Google could get them if they spent as much time designing their stuff as they did coding.

  • HOOK
    GMail Sucks

    I have tried to sign up & use Gmail. Forget it. Couldn’t get my address Book in there. Signed up for 2 logins; can’t use either one. No help from GMail. Can’t even tell them anything as they ask me to logon first; I can’t. They really Suck. They don’t get back to me; they don’t give a shit. They are a useless waste of time. There must be something better out there; I just haven’t found it. Outlook is just not working for me right now. I think I need to go back to a typewriter! Help? (Does it exist?) 

  • HOOK

    I would like to thank everyone who responded to this. From all of the reponses, it was practically unanimous. People hate the new version of GMail. There is one exception: Zach. He was the only one who did not agree with everyone else. I gather that he is a computer geek, and a know it all. he talks about Vietnam Vets. What does that have to do with this? His opinion is that there is nothing wrong with the newer version of GMail. I think Google made it just for him. He mentions beta testing. I think he came up with this new version. He doesn’t think that there is any problem with the address book & Gmail. I will, however take his advise, and use something other then GMail. As an individual, we are totally insignificant to GMail. Hi GMail; Goodbye GMail!

    Forever.      HOOK 

  • passerby

    That’s very odd. I use Gmail and I have autocomplete (for names), I can add new contacts without going to my contact list, and I agree the no folders thing is annoying but I do like Gmail.

  • passerby

    oh, and hotmail is the one that REALLY annoys me. it’s slow, the pictures don’t load, my attachments can’t be downloaded… I use it only because I want to hang on to the mails I still have in there.

  • AnthonyRobinson
    GMail DOES Blow!!!!

    I agree completely!!!!!

    The thing that TRULY TRULY TRULY sucks are the conversations. Let’s say I just want to delete a particular e-mail that hapens to be in a conversation of three or four different e-mails. Guess what?!?!? You delete the ENTIRE conversation!!!

    I don’t know how or why GMail got this reputation as being the sh*t, but all I can say is GMail IS sh*t!!!

  • dkslc
    Gmail Sucks

    I sent some 3 small pdf files as attachments to myself from my offfice computer and I wanted to download it on my home computer.

    When I open my gmail account at home, it just gets stuck at scanning for viruses…atleast 10 minutes I have waited.

    I forwarded it to my yahoo account downloaded the file and gmail it still scanning for viruses.

    I have had many other problems with address book.

    For all the wonderful software Google as developed, Gmail is definitely a black mark…

  • JHS

    I agree – GMail sucks. Those infuriating dashes before my signature are SO STUPID. And what’s worse is that GMail doesn’t give you the option. it’s their way or not. I have installed a script that helps, sort of.

  • googler
    Bravo to Yahoo! and “eh” to Google…

    I’ve readed the full comment on gmail from author and I can only say, that author is really against google (too much blowings)… Personally – I prefer Yahoo! Mail, but people, Google is a “starter” in a web mail industry, so don’t be so rough on them. I’ve always had a better results with a Google search, what I can’t say about (for example) Yahoo!… maybe I’m just preferring Google more. And do NOT forget, that gmail says something like that: “…it a Google’s approach to email” – means, what I’ve already said, that they just starting to go deep in it. Easily saying – gmail is a too young and not “skillful” web-mail service. So go ahead and try searching the web with Google – you will NEVER have a bad result… only, if your search keywords is “dump”… but Google is smart AND maybe in future they will beat Yahoo!, if they won’t go “in approach” with words “Google style” (they must rethink their programming/organizing of a gmail, because they’re very good in “primitive”… I’d say – progressive in primitive… this acts only against GMAIL as far as I know). Well, after saying all that I’m only sorry for myself, becuase I have a huge problem with Yahoo! Mail… The thing is, that I want (and really need) to create a new Yahoo! Mail address, but Yahoo! says, that my postal code doesn’t exist in my country!!! Can you belive it? I live in Ukraine… yes maybe, Yahoo! is more on MC Donald’sED Americans/American people and maybe that’s why their database of postal codes are sooooo poooor. If someone knows Yahoo!’s support email (that I COULDN’T FIND, NO MATTER HOW I TRIED… ONLY ERRORS) – then please, tell me it in a reply to this message… I’ll be waiting… 🙂 thanks a lot!

    P.S. Also – no one mentions a HUGE Yahoo!’s Mail minus – you CAN’T make a search for only “flagged” messages!… what I need VERY much! And about the googling (searching with google) – respect Google for at least for that.

    Viva Yahoo!, when I’ll be back to it with a new address, after someone’s help… and hope someone will send them information about unsearchable flagged messages.

    Thank you for reading! Bye-bye for now… (waiting on a reply ;))

  • bob
    Why not use gmail in thunderbird

    Why not just use gmail inside thunderbird? That will give you the normal interface

  • Elizabeth

    I don’t know where I’m going to go for email right now – but I hate Gmail. I’ve lost I don’t know how many from my inbox, they’re just disappearing with no explanation, and no answer from gmail. I’ve lost photographs – I am so pissed off.

    It’s far too unnecessarily intricate – too many ways to go wrong – can’t stand it. I’d quit Google as well, but they’re entrenched as a search engine.

  • Mike
    I must agree

    I use gmail and yahoo frequently. I’ve had the same yahoo account since I was 16 years old. I’m now 30 years old.

    I got an invite to gmail early on and have used it since.

    Yahoo is simple, basic, tried and true.

    I haven’t tried Zimbra yet and probably never will.

    Here’s why Gmail and possibly Zimbra SUCK!


    The whole labeling function is confusing and useless. Perhaps it gives more functionality but for me, sending and organizing emails should be as basic as organizing documents in a file box.


    When I search for emails either sent, received or forwarded I don’t want them in odd separate chunks “conversations”. Just give me a simple list and I’ll use my linear sense of logic to find them.

    Gmail has a habit of grouping responses from people along with delivery failure notices.

    For instance, I sent a bulk email to a contact list. One of the addresses was incorrect. One of the people I sent responded to the email. NOW, her emails get strung together with the delivery failure notice email. UGH!!!

    When I forward an email to somebody it doesn’t get saved in my sent mail. No, it gets strung in a “conversation” with the original email that I forwarded in my INBOX ERRRRRRR! That’s nuts!!

    Gmail does not allow you to simply sort your inbox by sender, date or subject. Again, give me a simple list and let me use the ABCs and 123s I was taught in kindergarten to frickin find my best friend’s email from last year. DON’T make me wade through your interface scratching my head.

    Yahoo is simple and basic enough to send and organize email, that’s all it needs to be. Gmail is packed with bells and whistles, most of which I really have no interest in using and I doubt anybody else really needs.

    In the end, sending an email should be akin to dropping a letter in a mailbox. Anything much more than that is just an annoyance.

    At any rate, if you want to construct fancy emails with colors and images, yadda yadda yadda, use Outlook!

    Gmail is wacko geek tech. I appreciate the thought put into it but cripes, I’m just a guy. Not the ruler of some massive organization where I need all of that tech.

  • s
    Gmail Rules!

    thats all

  • anon
    New Windows Live Hotmail

    Have you already tried the new Windows Live Hotmail? I used Yahoo! Mail for a long period before. Then, I tried Gmail but got irritated by its interface. I revisited Hotmail and found out its speed is now comparable to Yahoo Mail classic version and also have a nice layout.

  • hi
    better than gmail or yahoo 🙂

    trust me its 5x better than yahoo and 10x better than gmail…

  • nomad

    All webmail sucks, get yourself a domain and handle your own email. Yahoo and Gmail both SUCK ASS

  • vietnam vet

    gmail still sucks.

  • Higzy

    Me: I forgot my password to my Gmail account

    Gmail: No Problem, just request to change your password and it will be done

    Huh??? Now why would I request to change my password if I am not able
    to access said Gmail account in order to retrieve the ‘NEW’ password???
    Are you fucking retarded?!

    Gmail: Yes, but we would like to spread our retardedness upon you and everyone who uses our email service

    Me: Good riddance, fuck face!

  • Ano

    can’t agree more.

  • Wos2gmc

    I think I’m turning Japanese, I think I’m turning Japanese, I really think so!   I’ll be turning Japanese and turning my Google email into Japanese friendly YAHOO!  Thank You! 

  • Wos2gmc

    Gmail Rules for l-o-n-n-n-n-g D-E-L-A-Y-S of static file downloads.  Then subsequent D-E-L-A-Y-S opening mail.
    I opt for renaming Gmail to G-SNAIL!!!