Dim sum Chili Sauce?

I’ve ranted before about how in Japan when you go for dim sum the only sauces you get are soy sauce and Chinese mustard. In L.A. you get a kind of red chili sauce. Does anybody know what that red sauce is called or better yet can you find it being sold on the web, a specific brand name for example with a picture? I’ve decided to take matters into my own hands. If I can find the sauce, next time I go to a dim sum place in Tokyo I will bring my own sauce 🙂

  • anon_InTaiwan
    capsicum Sauce/ Chili Sauce

    Any Chinese grocery store. It’s simply crushed, red-hot peppers in soybean oil. You can make it yourself. Do you encounter anyone from Taiwan or anyone who does business in Taiwan? Have them bring over a jar. It can be found in ANY 7-11 or night market or grocery store/hypermart. GREAT stuff. Usually, local shops call refer to it as “capsicum sauce” in English, rather than the easier, more telling: hot chili sauce.


    From the land of 24-hour dumpling stalls loaded with delicious capsicum sauce at EVERY venue,

    In Taiwan

  • anon_kim
  • greggman
    sriracha sauce

    I don’t think that’s the sauce I usually find at dim sum places although I find that sauce at all the hundreds of pho places in LA.  I bought some but a different brand last time i went to dim sum.  I was good but not the same 🙂  It could just be because it’s a different brand though.

  • anon_doki
    sambal oelek or lian how brand

    http://www.asianwok.com/  Is it this stuff?

  • torokun
    dude… it’s ra-yu

    In chinese you call it layou, and in japanese it’s ra-yu (ラーユ)(辣油 in kanji…).  It basically means ‘hot oil’ and it rocks. 😉

    You should be able to get it if you ask for it…  They always use it to make the sauce for gyoza, along with shoyu and vinegar…  You can also pick it up in the supermarkets by that name. 


  • anon_Phil
    Recommended chilli sauce

    for those dumplings try YEO’s Sweet Chilli Sauce available in most supermarkets, it goes well with every dim sum dish, try it let me know what u think. Phil

  • anon_CaptainYeo
    No Yeo’s in Balmer

    I used to buy Yeo’s in Silver Spring MD when I lived

    there but can’t seem to find it in Baltimore. I’m sure

    the huge Asian supermarket in Catosnville will have

    it if I’m ever nearby. I used to make barbecue sauce

    with Kraft’s or Open Pit as a base, and add roughly

    equal parts of Yeo’s Hot and Sweet chili sauces, plus a little

    vinegar. The Sweet is also good on hard-boiled eggs.

  • anon_CantoneseInSeattle

    Though sriracha is not the same as the chili paste that you found at the dim sum place, it’d quickly work in a pinch in terms of flavor and heat.  ^^  The texture is definitely different, and sriracha is a little easier to use in other foods (works great in all sorts of noddles!).

  • anon_kainoi
    Yeah, you probably mean Sriracha Sauce.

    Having been to Sriracha in Thailand I can say that there are a lot of types of Sriracha Sauce that are just cheap knockoffs.  The stuff in LA is made by Vietnamese people who probably don’t even know where Sriracha is.  At least, that’s what I was told in Sriracha, but I actually don’t know anything about that.  I just know that Sriracha Sauce (the legit stuff) kicks butt on basically any other sweet chilli sauce I’ve ever tasted.

  • anon_chiliman
    the sauce

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