Jangara Ramen

If you are visiting Tokyo and you want to know why ramen is famous in Japan then you owe it to yourself to check out Jangara Ramen

You probably know that Japan is famous for ramen and of course in the states we have Tom Ramen and Cup Of Noodles.  What you may not know is that those products are about as close to real ramen as Taco Bell is to real Mexican food. Even in LA where we have a large Japanese national population and several ramen restaurants all of them are just horrid.

There are thousands if not tens of thousands of ramen places in Japan from fancy restaurants to portable ramen stands setup like hot dog stands in the states. With so many to choose from you need to know some good ones.  Jangara ramen is one of the good ones.

They are a small chain.  The original is apparently from Kyushu which is southern Japan.  There are two I know of in Tokyo.  One is in Akihabara.  This one is always crowded with 20 or more people standing in like outside.  I don’t recommend you go to this one unless you don’t might eating alone.  It’s so small that generally you will be asked to enter one at a time.

The other one is in Harajuku and it’s easier to find as it’s just a minute or so from the station.  Exit the station, walk to the right to the big street.  Turn left down the street and it’s on your left just a few stores down.

Jangara ramen specializes in tonkotsu ramen.  tonkotsu means "pig bone" which is what they use to favor the soup.  If you come to Japan and you don’t try tonkotsu ramen but instead try some other kind you will not know what you are missing.  Even if you come to Jangara ramen make sure you order the tonkotsu ramen since Jangara Ramen carries 2 or 3 types.  Try it and you will crave it for the rest of your life! 😉

  • anon_anonymouse

    Tonkatsu refers specifically to a fried pork cutlet (‘katsu’), it’s not the bone.  Usually it’s a piece of meat served on your noodles.

  • Harvey
    The man speaks the truth!

    Nope, anon_anonymouse… Greggman is right,

    true, tonkatsu is fried pork cutlet, but tonkotsu, is pig bone.

    And I have -never- seen tonkatsu on noodles before.

  • greggman
    tonkatsu != tonkotsu

    Just incase it’s not obvious, one is tonk(o)tsu, that means “pig bone”  The other is tonk(a)tsu which is the breaded fried pork cutlet.

  • anon_MrSingh
    “paiko men”

    actually, tonkatsu on ramen is called “paiko men”. chinese restaurants in Japan typically serve “paiko men”. ramen with tonkatsu topping. 🙂

    and if you go to any jangara ramen, they have info about the other jangara outlets in tokyo. there’s one in Akasaka as well, and it’s considerably less crowded than the one in Akihabara.



  • Phat
    Tonkatsu on noodles

    There’s a ramen place just in front of Shibuya station that serves tonkatsu on tan-tan men (spicy) noodles. Good stuff. I forgot the name, but it’s right near the JTB and Megane-Super near the big bus rotary and pedestrian bridge out the west side of the south exit.

    BTW, a new Jangara Ramen opened up in my neighborhood (near Komazawa Daigaku). It’s actually nothing like the Jangara in Harajuku. It was more of a spicy Chinese type of thing. Not bad, but definitely not what I was expecting.

  • anon_Chip

    Actually, I usually found tonkatsu sliced and served on a draining rack with a side of shredded cabbage and a separate bowl of rice, or as katsudon, which was the sliced tonkatsu on top of a bowl of rice with a raw egg cracked over the whole mess so that the egg cooks upon contact with the hot pork and rice. Made flawless tonkatsu back in the states for new years using tempura batter and panko crumbs.

  • anon_Jeff
    Best Ramen I’ve had in my Life

    I went to japan and I asked my friend to take me to his favorite ramen shop.  Ever since I’ve heard about how fanatical japanese people are about ramen I’ve been dying to try it.  Well, it was the best ramen I’ve had in my life.  Japanese people really know how to make ramen.  In fact the ramen I had at the airport before I left was better than a lot of the ramen I’ve had here in the united states.  You gotta try it!

  • anon_i_like_ramen
    jangara ramen


    anybody knows if this shop has a website or email ?


  • anon_tokyogenki

    yes, http://www.kyusyujangara.co.jp

    gman, i did go there today and i have to admit i owe you…

    but as far as the broth goes, it is not the best one in tokyo, in my humble opinion. as far as i’m concerned, ippudo (http://www.ippudo.com) is the best soup (but definitely not as generous in pork pieces, i have to admit!!)

  • thedave
    Be aware the conspiracy!

    Just so you know, there is a new chain of restaurants, shamelessly calling themselves the exact same “Jangara Ramen” that is nowhere near as good as the real thing. There are only three Jangara Ramen locations: Akasaka, Harajuku, and somewhere in the Sapporo area (in Hokkaido). There are disclaimers about it in the real stores; don’t be duped!

  • thedave

    oh yeah, there is one more in akihabara! but thats all!

  • Phat
    I knew it!!!

    Must have been what opened near my (now) old place in Komazawa. Thanks for the info – very key.

    BTW, if you’re in Komazawa and want some good tonkotsu, give Tenkai Ippin a shot. It’s not like your traditional tonkotsu, as it it’s much thicker, but it is truly incredible. You will thank yourself for giving it shot.

  • Teri_chan
    When in Ikeda

    Anyone venturing out to Osaka,Ikeda,on the Hankyu line to Takarazuka line(home of the Osamu Tezuka museum)get out at ikeda,cross the street to shotengai(shopping arcade) turn left,you’ll come to Ramenippon,chain,but delicious,generous&following the wabi-sabi school of ramen-Oiishi!

  • Julie

    I’m doing a school project that requires me to do an imaginnary trip to Japan. This really helps! Thanks again!

  • jdog

    this is the best ramen shop in the world. There 5 locations now I believe. Its such an amazing ramen shop. But also they have kaidama, which is getting an extra set of noodles for 150 yen, its such a great deal, I always end up getting one. I always miss this shop when I leave japan.

  • jp
    dai sukiiiiiiiii !!

    I have often gone to the Akiba’s Jangara restaurant. It’s… small but so delicious, charming and really good designed and affordable! The decoration is great. I have eaten eaten….. ramen !

    Sure, for my next stay I could’nt resist… again