Dawn of the Dead (remake)

I watched Dawn of the Dead (the remake) just for the hell of it. I gotta say that I’d really be happy if someone would make an intelligent reality based horror movie. Maybe that’s an oxymoron. By reality based I mean something like 28 Days Later vs something like Hellraiser. Something that seems semi based in reality instead of something based in magic or religion although any intelligent horror movie would be great.


Dawn of the Dead I’m sure is entertaining but the older you get the less you can excuse all the BS about don’t kill that guy, he’s bit but you just can kill him and all the other BS like saving the dog, splitting up when their’s no need, driving like madmen just as an excuse to have a car flip, etc, etc, etc. Even things that are not techincally wrong but are still fairly unbelievable like a gun master not being able to take care of a zombie or two coming through a dog door that he is prepared for.

…(end spoilers)…

Another would be without all the irrational people. Yea, I know, people are irrational but still, it’s so cliched it’s boring. I’m sick of the only reason anyone dying is because some character is too stupid or too “compassionate”.

Lots of people say, “with out all that kind of stuff the movie wouldn’t be interesting” to which I say BS. The movie would be 1000 times more interesting if it had flawless logic because it would actually be different from 99.99% of all the other horror crap.

I can’t think of any off the top of my head except maybe Aliens.

  • iknowguitarvoodoo

    They did make an intelligent reality based horror movie: the ORIGINAL Dawn of the Dead (1978), and its sequel, 1985’s DAY OF THE DEAD. In fact, 28 DYAS LATER owes most of its plot points to those two films.

  • Slimboyfat

    The original Dawn of the Dead is still a classic that is hard to beat. I’d say the first Alien is a serious thinking mans horror. Aliens had some real flaws in it but was a fun ride. I’d give a nod to The Shining as well.

  • Alien vs Aliens

    Please tell me the flaws in Aliens.  I actually noticed more in Alien than Aliens.

    I’ve seen the original Dawn of the Dead and although it’s arguably better than the remake it’s still full of boring stereotypes and cliches. 🙁  Day of the Dead didn’t do any better.  I don’t want to see a horror movie where the main problem is the humans arguing with each other.  I can see any only drama for that so putting the same arguements in a different setting really doesn’t make it interesting for me.  Day of the Dead and 28 Days Later had the same problems.  The first 1/2 of 28 Days Later was interesting and fairly new.  The last half was the typical boring stuff.

  • Duncano

    You ever seen “The Thing” with Kurt Russell? Superior horror flick in my opinion. Honourable mention also goes to “The Fog”.

    To my shame I saw “Aliens vs. Predator”, total nonsense. After the final battle a lady is left near the South Pole at night with a t-shirt on. It’s that kinda movie.

    Great site by the way Gregg, keep it up!

  • The Thing

    Yea, that’s not bad.  The last fight is much less interesting than I remember it as a kid but definately less bs in that movie that the typical horror movie.  I’ve never seen “the Fog”.

  • kongorilla

    I’m pretty sure I’d be irrational in a “Dawn of the Dead” situation, but my actions would be consistent to my character. But are audiences willing to buy tickets to a movie where a character is constantly wetting his pants? It’s a niche market at best.

  • Totally agree.

    Those same type of things bug me to no end whenever I go and watch a new movie like this. There’s so much irrational thinking when the situation clearly doesn’t cause you to have irrational ideas…. What I mean by that is the girl leaves to get her dog through a horde of zombies in the truck when the dog was already inside and there was no point to it. They were all safe on the roof. I could understand if they were out in the middle of the zombies being attacked or something where you can make stupid decisions without time to think them through but I don’t think anyone would’ve done what that girl did in the same situation. There’s lots of other parts that were similar also.

    The quality of movies seems to have gone down over the years and every movie released now seems to have a videogame and merchandise released with it so I guess they don’t care because they get that revenue and still come out on top…

    *Also, cool site man. I came here after installing your Thumbplug tga and iff programs. They’re awesome. 🙂

  • MG
    Shaun of the Dead

    In a quirkly way Shaun”>http://www.shaunofthedeadmovie.com>Shaun of the Dead does this by parodying the genre at the beginning. Of course towards the end it gives up and follows the pack…

  • Kidtuf

    As far as recent horror films go, Dawn of the Dead (remake) is the one of the better ones out there. Of course I am biased because I love zombies.

  • saikoBoy
    Aliens roks!

    Its one movie that I’ve watched a zillion times, bought a DVD the frist time i saw it! superb actually. They’ve got the whole thing tight packed. if im not mistaken, it spawned a whole series of monster movies that hollywood dished out.. most of them were bad.. I just wish they had done a better sequel..

  • iknowguitarvoodoo

    The Day After – even though it was made for American TV – was pretty realistic in my opinion. I can’t think of many things more horrific than global nuclear war. Great performances and a solid script and believable character motivation.

    I agree with John Carpenter’s version of THE THING.

    Other suggestions: David Cronenberg’s SHIVERS (aka THEY CAME FROM WITHIN) and RABID. Pretty convincing stuff from his “venerial horror” days.

    Romero’s THE CRAZIES blows away 28 DAYS LATER and really blows the lid off of bio-weapon horror. Of course, it predated 28 DAYS LATER by almost 30 years.

  • anonemouse
    Tainted memories

    Gregg, I think you’re over-looking how we tend to remember things differently, and we get more jaded as we grow older and see more of the same all the time… Aliens has its share of cliches and shtick too, but at the time you saw it, you were much younger and less jaded.

    I can remember seeing “Total Recall” in theatres. I was a teen and had never seen anything like it on the big screen. It blew my mind away. Now, I think the movie is very cheesy.

  • That is true sometimes.  There are movies or TV shows that were interesting as a kid or at a younger time that are not now.  The Six Million Dollar Man comes to mind.  As does the Speed Racer Cartoon series.  Both are hard to watch as an adult although Speed Racer still has the kitsch.

    But, Aliens is different. I could be blind to it but there isn’t much in there I can point to that’s wrong.

  • anonaman

    I confused this with the Evil Dead.

    There is currently a remake of the original Evil Dead series and an Evil Dead IV being produced.

    Sorry, off topic…