Conversion to WordPress, Epic Fail!

So I moved this blog to WordPress because I didn’t want to write spam moderation code for my old site code. That part works, I can now moderate spam comments before they get posted, something I couldn’t do with my old site.

But………………….My old site got 10-20 spam comments a week. My WordPress site gets 500 A DAY!!!! At first I was using the wp-reCaptcha plugin. It was catching the spam but after I noticed no comments for a couple of weeks I realized it was just marking everything as spam which suggests it wasn’t actually working. I use the Akismet plugin as well and I think that’s what’s marking the spam which in truth means the wp-recaptcha plugin wasn’t working at all. That meant I had to scan through 500 spam messages a day to find 2 or 3 false positives. That’s un-workable.

So, I recently installed wp-spamfree plugin which kind of takes some of the tactics my old site did. It’s doing better than wp-reCaptcha in that now only 100 spams make it into my moderation que but I still have to go through them for the 2 or 3 false positives everyday. That’s still un-workable.

I don’t know what to do at this point. Maybe there’s another plugin. Maybe I should right my own although if I go that route I’ve hardly gained anything by switching to wordpress.

Spammers fucking suck!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Matthew
  • Wing

    Akismet has a reputation for false positives, wp-spamfree did almost nothing. I’m now using a combination of SI Captcha (which seems to be the best WordPress captcha plug-in), and some mod_security rules to kill posts with embedded HTML (among other things). Works for me.

  • I use the Akismet spam plugin that comes standard with WordPress (you need to sign up for a acct to get a user number for some reason). And it seems to work great for me.

  • As I pointed out in the blog post. I use that too. It doesn’t work for me.

    It works in the sense that spam doesn’t make it on my blog. It doesn’t work in that it has false positives so I have to go read all the spam and I get 100 to 500 a day.

  • Carl Johan

    I’ve used Mollom successfully with several Drupal installs and it seems like there’s a wordpress plugin for it.

  • Now I am still using wordpress to build website and it work great with Akismet plugin. Maybe it is because my web is not poppular like yours so no one is interested in spamming.

  • So I switched to mollom and so far so good. I wonder how long until the spammers figure it out.

  • The problem with switching back (as I learned by going from WP to a custom blog) is that now your URL is entered in the wordpress spammer database. Switching back won’t help much.

    I ended up banning all IP addresses from China (I could have not banned them but instead marked them as “authenticate before posting”) but once I did this, 99% of my spam stopped.

    I get perhaps 3 or 4 spam comments a week now.

  • ian

    mollom works for me. i tried hashcash before but i find mollom works much better.

  • Where did you go wrong? In like 2001 you were one of the most famous foreigners, even more well known by nerds than Danny Choo, for testing video games, right? Now look at you. ::(

  • This is what happens when you (a) move to someplace boring and (b) run out of things to write about 🙁

  • I wouldn’t blame that because you probably have more than a hundred years of typing about what you got out of the experience, sort of like in video games there are always cheat codes and secret hidden levels you might’ve found.

    And video games? After Final Fantasy 7 I knew it was all going to be going to 3d and the world was going to go back to everyone not knowing how everything is made, it’s scary.