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Claim Jumper

Claim Jumper’s claim to fame is their huge portions.  I seriously doubt most people could finish a meal there or even just dessert.  The food’s usually not bad though it’s definitely not great either.  There is almost always a wait for dinner though. Directions: There are quite a few of these around.  Here’s one. Take […]


Houston’s is a national chain.  The have a very small menu.  Their two specialties are (1) Their Spinach Dip which they claim was named one of the 10 best things to eat in L.A.  I agree. (2) Their ribs which they call knife and fork ribs.   These ribs are so tender you usually don’t […]

Filipino place on South

You’re going to have to ask my friend Rose about this one.  It’s good, it’s authentic, but I haven’t the slightest idea what to order nor do I remember exactly how to get there.  Assuming there is only one Tower Records in Cerritos you could look that up because it’s in the same shopping center.  […]


What can I tell you about Canters?  It’s BIG, It’s open 24 hours.  It’s much better than Jerry’s Deli.  It’s got Jewish deli like food.  Not a bad choice for that late night dining.

Kaitenzushi (shinjuku)

I’ve been told that kaitenzushi (rotating sushi) is not generally the best sushi but I personally found almost every kaitenzushi place in Japan to be better than any sushi restaurant I’ve eaten at in the United States.  I tried several of them.  My favorites are:


Relaxtation is where I was first introduced to Black Pearl Milk Tea or Bo Ba Nai Cha (Bo Ba for short).  Bo Ba I believe is pretty much any drink that you put large tapioca balls in the most common being Black Tea and Milk.  Once you try this I think you’ll be addicted.  Each […]