Baja Bud’s

My favorite place for a carnitas(pork) burrito.  Baja Buds is a chain.  If you have a friend how does like Mexican food take them to Baja Buds.  Order a carnitas burrito with guac and mild salsa and have them give it a try.  If they don’t like it something’s wrong. 😉

  • unknown
    Tito’s is still victorious

    Don’t anybody listen to this “Gregg guy.” TITO’S TACOS IS THE BEST MEXICAN RESTAURANT IN THE WHOLE WIDE WORLD!!!!!!(How do I know?)

    I’ve BEEN there for more than 10 YEARS!!!


  • BudofBaja
    Bud’s reigns supreme

    Tito’s Taco’s is yet another symptom for the common, festering fast-food epidemic. No doubt, the common carnivore fool would delight in Tito’s run of the mill offerings: pennies, indeed, buy their worth there in the form of greasy, lard dripping, Purina originated Z grade meat tacos. Grim recollections of Sweeny Todd’s pie shop spring to mind upon observing the unsuspecting masses huddling around Tito’s window on a Friday night.

    Let them rejoice. For the more savvy, health conscious food connoisseur, Baja Bud’s offers a somewhat more appealing option. So fresh and authentic it could pass for homemade, their food lacks, perhaps, the gloss and glimmer of “Poquito Mas” and “Rubios” but well compensates by offering a profoundly real, rewarding and inexpensive eating experience as well as superb service. Everything, including your tortilla, is made fresh right in front of you. The beans are hearty and lard-free; the rice if fluffy and oh-so-tasty; the guacamole is as fresh and creamy and they come. I could honestly recommend every single item on the menu — you will not turn back. Make sure to add a large horchata with light ice and a flan for dessert. Then, stack up on fresh salsa and pickled jalapenos from the Incan wood carved bar to your right, grab a booth and enjoy one of the heartiest mexican meals money can buy around the L.A. basin.

  • AnonymousSeven
    Tito’s v. Baja Bud’s

    Both Tito’s Tacos & Baja Bud’s are great places to eat, just different styles of Mexican food.  Tito’s Tacos is cash only, much more “whitewashed” (Americanized/generic/limited in choice), but still a great place to get lots of chips & salsa, interesting enchiladas (it seems like they’re made with masa & a special sauce), tacos, burritos, and more.  I love Tito’s, but the downsides include limited parking, long lines (a “short” line could still have at least 3-4 people in it), no free refills (in fact, you need to pay for an entire new drink; they don’t even have 25-50 cent refills) and not necessarily the cheapest food, though definitely not the most expensive.  All in all, I’d still recommend it, because the food’s still great!

    Baja Bud’s has more of a variety, they’re not as Americanized or generic, and their food is prepared in a healthier manner than Tito’s.  Whereas Tito’s is definitely very greasy, Baja Bud’s (whose name sounds cheesy, but the food isn’t) prepares your burritos, tacos, enchiladas & more right in front of you beginning at one end of the line and ending at the cash register, all with minimum amounts of oil/grease.  They’ve got a nice selection of drinks (including beer), and there usually aren’t that long of lines.  They’ve also got a salsa bar, which being a huge salsa lover, is perfect for me. 

    As I said before, both places are great…it just depends on what type of mood you’re in.