Bangkok 4

Bangkok 4 is my favorite Thai restaurant.  It’s in the South Coast Plaza Crystal Court behind South Coast Plaza.  It’s on the 3rd floor.

I’m not sure if this is real Thai food or upscale Californiaized Thai food but I think is delicious.  It’s a little expensive.  The kind of place you’d go on a relatively nice dinner with your girlfriend.  If you just want to pig out go to the Thai BBQ next to Tommy Sushi.

  • AsadSabetpourPhD
    bangkok 4

    last night I and my wife decided to eat out and always bangkok 4 is our choice number 1.We live about 45 minutes away from south coast where the bangkok4 is.By very much surprise we saw the placed closed!!

    We like to know what happened and if they are going to reopen somewhere else.By the way we loved their food and cat fish there was the best.Thanks

  • JessicaHaile

    where are you now,we miss your food and great service,thanks

  • Gavin

    Unfortunately, my wife and I just happened to go there the last night they were open. Their lease was to be renewed by South Coast Plaza everything was agreed on and without warning, South Coast Plaza decided they wanted to cater more to (I think it was,) Japanes tourists by putting in a sushi bar. We went there for our first date fifteen years ago. It was very disappointing. They still operate Bangkok 5 in Rancho Mirage – you may want to contact them to see if any plans have been made to reopen Bankok 4. I know we will.

  • cbooze

    I started going to the bangkok restaurants in the ’80’s. I believe it was bangkok 3 on Balboa Island. After that location closed, then I found Bangkok 4 at Crystal Court. That was the only Thai restaurant in Orange County that held up to my standards after I moved here from L.A. My then boyfriend and now husband had many date nights there even a few with our newborn daughter. When we found that it was closed we were beyond disappointed. The Catfish was amazing and so were many other dishes. Unfortunately, the only time we were in Rancho Mirage, Bangkok 5 was closed due to the summer season. I guess we will have to travel a little further than Costa Mesa to enjoy one of the best Thai places that we have ever found. Maybe the family that owns the restaurant will open another one somewhere in the O.C. That would be great!