Wanna try something new?  How about Myanmar Food?

I had not even heard of Myanmar before.  One of my classmates though is from Myanmar and explained to me it used to be called Burma (*)

We used to go to this place called Yatana near school about once a month after school so I've had just about everything on their lunch menu and I can recommend all of it.

If you want to play it safe, order their most popular dish which is distinctly marked on their menu.  It's a chicken leg that's been cooked in spices and sauce until the meat just falls off the bone.  Yum!  They also have a noodles in a coconut based sauce and another noodle dish, for lack of a better description, an egg pudding sauce.  In other words it's yellow like an egg but with the consistency of American pudding, not sweet, put over noodles.  I like it!

It's only 2 minutes from Shinokubo station which is the next stop north of Shinjuku on the Yamanote line.  Very easy to find.

⭐️ I don't remember where but somewhere on the net I read some rant about how no one should ever call Myanmar by that name because it was the name given by a military dictator over the wishes of the people.  That's true but all my Myanmar friends introduced themselves as from Myanmar not from Burma so I'll stick with Myanmar.

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