Why does sharing photos have to be this annoying?


So, ... some company in the UK wants to use a photo of mine from flickr.

Some people contemplate their navel...

All my flickr photos are CC-BY-SA so they're free to do whatever they want pretty much.

But, of course lawyers get involved and now they want to send me a licensing form for me to sign. It doesn't say anything particularly bad, it's just half the point of CC−BY is "you don't need to ask because there's an official license".

I get they want to make sure it's not a stolen image and get an actual signature. It's more that printing out the form, which will cost a few cents and my time to find a printer or put the form on a USB and walk to the library. Then sign it. Then find a scanner and scan it or take a picture with my phone. Then send it back. Is just more than I want to do really. Given they're not paying me why do I want to spent even 15 minutes dealing with his form?

Even if I just photoshop my signature in it's still more work than I really want to deal with. On top of which the one scary part is if they get sued about the pic then they'll pass that on to me. It's a nothing special picture of some statues on the Louvre so I have no idea what those rules are.

Sigh.... Why does it have to be this complicated.

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