What's this?


Yes, it's me playing Mappy on my cell phone. It's missing the music and the bonus rounds but otherwise it's Mappy. One of the strange things about the cell phone games is, like old Amiga Eurodemos, they "unpack" so when you start them a progress bar appears while they setup. For whatever reason Galaga is the worst with easily a 1 minute or longer wait until you can start playing.

Here's a few more including Rally X, it only runs at like 10hz or less though.

Scram which was the first side scrolling shooter I ever played and I specfically remember it was at the arcade at the corner of Ball and Western.

There's Pengo and also Bomberman. I know quite a few people for whom having bomberman in their pocket might be a dangerous thing.

I'm gonna have to learn Java
Folding Keyboard