Web Standards Otaku


What is it about the Web Standards Fanatics? Has there ever been anything else similar? Why is it so many random people are so into pushing web standards and validation etc.

First, TRY to remember this as you read. I'm not against standards! Of course we need standards so please remember I'm not arguing against standards

What I'm trying to discuss it the fanatics out there that push these standards for no appearent rational reason. What the F does it matter to them whether or not some one else's site uses all the current standards or not? I can't think of a single other fanatical thing that similar to this *let's all follow web standards* fanatic movement.

It's not like people stand around in super markets saying "Let's all make sure all cans are 50% tin, 50% steal" or "lets's all make sure no one comes in a housecoat". The amount of standards chanting is out of proportion with the supposed benefits. You want something to chant about, go chant about smokers throwing cigarette butts on the ground. Go chant for world peace. Go chant for your favorite politian. But, stop the standards chanting.

People that want to follow standards will. They will lookup the pluses and minues and choose whether or not HTML 1.0 is good enough for them or whether they need HTML 4.01 and CSS or XHTML or whatever. They don't need standards otaku pushing them into it. Spend your time on something actually useful.

In fact, I'll take it one step further. If any of you have read books about how to do well in life or business many of them mention finding a successful example and copying it. Well, taking that advice, as Google, Yahoo, MSN, CNN, Slashdot, and every other big name site IS NOT FOLLOWING THE STANDARDS, if you want to be successful, following the advice of so many of those books, neither should you. Or, more to the point, don't worry about it. Concentrate on something more important like content.

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