Should I invest in Uniqlo. They seem to be kicking big time ass.

They are similar to Old Navy except that unlike Old Navy, Uniqlo always has clothes I actually want. How? Well basically they sell lots of relatively plain clothes for real cheap? How cheap? How about 12 colors of T−Shirts in 5 different styles (Crew−Cut, Tank, V−Neck, 2 Buttons, ...) for $5 each or 3 for $12.50. And they are good shirts, not those cheap kind you find at swapmeets and tourist attractions. How about 12 colors of Polo shirts $19 each. They just started selling Tees with rave like prints on them. They had about 10 designs in about 3 different colors on about 6 colors of shirts. $10 each. They have double collared tees (looks like you layered 2 shirts even though it's only one) They recently added thin and thick striped shirts for summer.

They also sell pants, jackets, button down shirts, sweaters, sweats, socks etc all in very simple styles and for really cheap. Check out this article about them.

After having bought a bunch of stuff from them and seeing how they are always busy (note: I pass by the Shinjuku store several times a week it seems) I thought maybe I should look into investing in them. Unfortunately they are on the OTH exchange. I don't even know what that is. I guess I can sign up with E−Trade Japan or one of the other similar firms over here but it's all a little scary. Also, according to that article they went up 400% last year. Maybe I already missed the boat.

Any ideas?

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