Spam is killing me


Well, the spammers are winning and it's ruining my site. It started back in May and it hasn't let up. All the spam is advertising a site in Taiwan called Basically they are sending spam as randomname (at) and it's ruining my rep. AOL just banned e−mail from and now I can no longer contact my friends at AOL. It's only a matter of time before yahoo, hotmail and other major providers do the same.

I don't speak or write Chinese so it's not like it's easy to ask them to stop and of course I doubt they would do it anyway. I tried to contact their ISP which has an English page but so far no luck. I also tried to contact their domain registar ( but so far no luck.

I turned on the pipe of bounced e−mails and got about 1000 e−mails in 6 hours. Note that those are only bounced e−mails, that means they are probably sending at least double that or more that are not getting bounced.

So, I don't know what to do. It feels like someone is invading my property and there's nothing I can do about it. I've put 7 years into this site, it's name, giving out my e−mail address to many people. Of course I can contact friends but I can't contact the thousands of people the only have my address to contact me by.

It seems like my only solution is to change to something else. Of course on top of sucking ass that is lots of work. All the links all over the net to my site will break. Many of my internal links will break as well.

If anybody knows how to fix this problem it would be great!

Note: They are spoofing. They are not using my e−mail servers. That means from their servers they are sending e−mail as random(at) (trivial to do). People are working on a long term solution but that solution requires everybody in the world to switch to a new way of doing e−mail. The old (current) way is unsecure and allows easy spoofing and other problems.

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