Sony DSC-F55 (+ME)


The new Sony DSC-F55 Digital Camera RULES!!!

Acutally I don't know if it rules are not but it looks pretty cool.

I used to own a DSC−F1 and I also owned a DSC-F55. I'm currently using a DSC-F505 (with the big lens) but I miss having something small.

I'm really disappointed there is no English coverage. Neither, steves-digicams nor even lists the camera on their list of cameras sony makes and yet the camera is shipping at least in Japan.

It's currently sony's biggest push and they have what appears to be a brillant campaign. It's called +ME (plus me) as in I get to be in the picture since I can flip the lens over and point it at me and my friends together. Something you can't do with most cameras and one of the things I loved about my previous cameras in that line. It seems like it would be a great sell. The commercials all show people taking picutres many people want, ourselves with our friends and loved ones.

It's also significantly smaller than the DSC−F55 and lighter. The DSC−F55 barely fit in my pocket. It was quite a squeeze. The DSC−F77 would have no problem.

On top of which it's got 3x optical zoom so maybe I could give up having a nicer larger camera. It's 4mega pixels.

Unfortunately there are no reviews for me to see some screenshots. Well, maybe I could go check some Japanese digicam sites.....

Anybody have one and want to comment?

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