Sick for 3 Weeks


I've been sick for over friggen 3 weeks now. I came down with a cold the saturday after I went to TGS, 9/25 and I haven't been well since. It hasn't been a bad cold but it has been extremely annoying.

The first 2 days were just a medium sore throat. Enough to make me want to stay in bed but not so bad that I couldn't sleep. After a couple of days it changed into a kind of throat itch that would make me cough every 20 seconds or so keeping me up until 5−6am. I could make it through the day with drinks and other things but at night the cough would always come back. I after a few days of that I went to the doctor and got some medicine, a couple more days and the itch was gone and I just had a lingering cough like I needed to clear something. That lasted until this last Wednesday the 13th when I came down with another sore throat which changed into a runny/stuffy nose Sunday.

Now it's 5am Monday morning and I can't sleep. Probably because I've been sleeping too much trying to get over this.

As far as I know I'm eating well. I'm not living off pizza or hamburgers or anything like that. I don't eat a lot of junk food and I've been taking multi−vitamins as well.

I pretty much get sick 5 to 6 times a year. In other words more than once every 3 months. And, even if I don't get a full on cold between times at least once or twice a month I feel like I'm on the verge of a cold. Either waking up with a mild sore throat that goes away once I drink something or other minor symptoms.

This has been somewhat true my whole life. I don't remember how often I was sick in elementary school or juinor high or high school but I do remember feeling it was unfair in elemetary school that there was an attendance award and through no fault of my own I couldn't get one. I also remember there was one girl that got it every single year, perfect attendance. Someone needs to figure out her genes and give them to everyone else.

I've had tons of different advice. My mom and a friend recommended echinacea, I haven't noticed a difference using it. Another friend recommended I get my tonsils taken out. That makes some sense since the number 1 symptom of my colds is inflammed tonsils. Unfortunately it's surgery and takes 2 weeks to recover. Scary! And, there's no guarantee that will actually solve the problem.

My friend Naomi said she used to get sick as often as me but hasn't been sick in 3 years since she started taking a specific brand of vitamin suppliment made by Usana but looking them up they seem like a giant scam. First off their setup like Amway, a kind of pyramid like marketing scheme. If you go to their website you can't actually order anything you have to find one of their members to buy from. Almost all their literature is about their marketing ability. They are not really about health or vitamins, just about marketing. Worse though they charge $140 a month for their suppliments. If you become a member you can get it down to like $100 a month. I might be willing to pay that if they actually worked but the proof would be to take them for 6 months and to not get sick once during that time. If it worked great but if not they just scammed me out of $600−$900!

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