Shibuya Underpass Society


A hip and kind of hidden cafe / bar in Shibuya.

I was wandering around looking for some other restaurant when I discovered this place.  It's in Shibuya under the tracks for the Toyoko Line.  If you are in Shibuya station and you walk down to the Saikyo Line platform, at the opposite end of the platform is another seldom used exit.  The Shibuya Underpass Society is down that way.

It's this rather hip cafe hidden under the tracks.  The food is just average but the setting makes it all seem slightly better.  Even most Tokyoites don't seem to know about this place but even so it's not small.  They probably have as many as 30 tables and they are generally busy although I've never had to wait.

If you need something to do go check it out.

PS: they also have a place in Kichijouji.  I think but I'm not sure that the place in Kichjouhi is called Planet 3rd but I have not been...yet 😊

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