Season 5 of Breaking Bad Sucks


I wasn't the huge fan of Breaking Bad. I watched but had issues with it. Jessie's repeated bad luck rubbed me as unbelievable for example. The airplane accident had no point. Tons of things happened because people didn't talk which is a huge cliché

But, overall, it was fun to watch and seemed to make internal sense. That is until Season 5.

I actually lost interest around season 3. I skimmed season 4 and then stopped watching. But, after all the hype about season 5 from a couple of my friends I decided to go back and watch all of seasons 3 and 4 without skimming and then watch season 5.

Warning: SPOILERS!!!

In season 5 suddenly, out of the blue, Mike has 9 people we've never heard of that he has to pay off. That's a BS made up reason that never existed in the previous 4 seasons just to give him a reason to stay.

The magnet caper is, at least as far as I can remember, the first thing in the entire series that's completely impossible. Meaning all the stuff previous was believable science but now suddenly there's they're pulling crap out of their asses.

Next they rob a train. The most over the top thing they've done the entire series and totally outside anything that's happened so far. It's like they channeled the spirit of Michael Bay.

The whole sub story with the girl who speaks German and all that seemed contrived and ridiculous.

I didn't buy Jessie's guilt. He's been a bad kid most of his life. Being guilt ridden over that kind of stuff is a Hollywood cliché and doesn't match real life at all as far as I can tell. At worst it's like the movie, "Crimes and Misdemeanors". You feel a little guilt, you're worried you'll get caught, and then after a few months you go back to normal. It's no different than losing a loved one.

I didn't believe Walt would have noticed the book missing. That book had been there for ages. How many of you know exactly which things are in your bathroom magazine stack if you have one.

I did like the ending though. That in and of itself kind of helped me appreciate the series as a whole a little more even if I don't think it's as amazing as most viewers.

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