Rejection never feels good does it. Even if you never expected anything of to come of it.

Yesterday day I hooked up with some people I had met a year ago that I was kind of hoping would become regular friends (ie, people that I see often). One of them I also had a pretty big crush on for about the first 3 months last year. I never really expected anything to come of it. I'm the kind of guy that needs a pretty clear signal of mutual interest fairly quickly. I'm not the kind of guy that will pursue some woman just because I find her attractive. If I don't feel there is mutual attraction then I won't make any moves and it has to be a very *clear* signal. That's probably also one reason I haven't had more girlfriends.

Anyway, yesterday it was her birthday which I didn't know and when I brought it up that I wished I had known I was told by 3 of the friends that they had discussed telling me but..... In otherwords they didn't want me to get her anything because she's not interested.

I thought I had made it clear that even though I was very attracted to her I'm not going to pursue her (I've seen her once in the 5 months I've been here, twice if you include yesturday's party)

Still it was fun to pretend. That's over now though.

tokyo's new oedo line
oil from the USS Arizona