Rant - Colds!


I've had 4 cold this year but they've knocked me out 7 weeks and running so far

The first one was right after new years. Took about a week to get over which seems about normal. In fact the CDC says the average is 2−3 colds a year per adult and symptoms last 7−10 days.

The next one though started in February and took ˜21 says to get over, or maybe it was two colds. First I was out 14 days, was ok for 4, then out for another 7. By out I just mean I either had a sore throat, or a runny nose, or a cough or a combination of those things. Enough that I didn't feel like doing much except staying inside and wishing I was unconscious.

After that I was fine until this August where I caught another and it lasted ˜16 days. I was well−ish for 2 weeks after with a lingering cough but felt well otherwise, but now I've got another. I'm pretty sure I caught it on a train since there were sick people all around me for ˜16 hours. Symptoms showed up about 48hrs after the train ride.

So now it's been another 5 days so far in this cold. I count my blessings it's just a a runny nose at this point but, similar to the previous one, it's hard to sleep. I'm in bed all day which means I don't feel sleepy. And, the fact that my nose is running makes it impossible for me to sleep even if I am sleepy. Last night I was up until 8:30am waiting for my nose to get to a state that would let me sleep. Woke up at 1:30pm wide awake. Sudafed has never done anything for me in my life. My mom would always tell me to take it and nothing would happen. This time in August a doctor gave me prescription strength Sudafed, 60mg, which, at least according to the USA sudafed website isn't that big a deal. Anyway no effect that I can tell. Nose still as runny as ever. Nasal irrigation (a nedi−pot) doesn't seem to help at all either. You people that can work through a cold are amazing (although you're also aholes if you're getting other people sick!)

I hope nothing worse is wrong. Looking at the symptoms and reading the CDC etc it seems I'm just unlucky. Cold viruses mutate so you don't get immunity so you can catch them at anytime. There's also 200 varieties on top of the fact that they mutate so there are plenty to catch.

My options for food while sick in Barcelona seem pretty limited. In Japan I could go to the convenience store. They have full meals, salads, some fruits and veggies, various good sandwiches (not the crap ones like at 7/11 USA) and plenty of other options. Supermarkets would have all of that as well. In the USA I could maybe go to Trader Joe's for wraps, salads, a few other things or Whole Foods. In the UK there was a Waitrose near where I was staying that had tons of prepared foods. But, here in Barcelona I've gone to a few supermarkets and a few convenience stores but there is literally almost nothing prepared or easy and I don't have a kitchen to make my own. The convenience stores are worse than most in USA with almost nothing healthy. So, it's been room service twice a day but the menu is pretty lacking in healthy options. At least they've been supplying me with lots of water ☺

So fucking frustrating. I count my blessings it's not something worse like flu. But, of 19 days in London I only got to go out 4 and wasn't able to meet friends. Of 2 weeks in Barcelona was out 2 and now stuck inside for 5. Grrr!!! >😎

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